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Bend Student Film Club

Designed by Manhattan Wood

India Slodki/ The Broadside

There is something tangible in the air at movie theaters. Pick the right movie, and the entire theatre is sucked into a new world, encouraging conversations that transcend the film itself.   

Bend Student Film Club is revitalizing the feeling of wonder and sparking compelling conversations; encouraging young minds to think about hidden themes and messages in the movies. The Tin Pan Theater plays host to conversations about how humanity is portrayed in the media, and cinematic elements that are able to bring those portrayals to life.

Bend Student Film club is a group of thirty-some-odd students from local high schools that meet up on Wednesday nights to watch a variety of films. A few weeks ago, Whiplash was screened, and the film Black Hawk Down showed this most recent Wednesday. After the lights come up, students chat about film techniques as well as societal issues portrayed in the aforementioned films.

The Film Club aims to be a space for students interested in film to connect through a common interest. In the audience, you will find those that are planning to pursue film and those that enjoy good movies and good conversation. 

Megan Koblegarde is a long-time member and now helps run the club. For Koblegarde, the club has provided a long-awaited opportunity to connect with her peers. 

“The club is a great place for like-minded kids to come together and connect through film,” Koblegarde said. “There aren’t many spaces for students that want to pursue film in Bend, so the club is a great space to talk about and appreciate film with people your age.” 

Founded by Manhattan Wood in late 2020, the Club has been consistently showing movies since early September. Wood started the club as a way to connect during COVID when she saw a lot of her friends struggling in isolation.

“I want to study film in college, and I have a lot of friends that are interested in film, so it was kind of a common interest that we share. I could see my friends losing motivation during COVID, so I started the club as a fun thing to do,” said Wood.

When it comes to the future of the club, Wood hopes to pursue more hands-on projects. 

“I know not everyone in the club wants to pursue film, but it would be cool to work on a project together, maybe over the summer,” said Wood. 

Independent of any other organization, the club is housed in the Tin Pan Theater, space practically donated to the club for a few hours each week, and employees can be found behind the counter, slinging concessions and dimming the lights during showtimes.

Bend Student Film Club can be found on Instagram, @bendstudentfilmclub. If you’re interested in participating, don’t hesitate to send them a direct message for more information.

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