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Horoscopes for the 2024-2025 academic year

Illustration by Jessica Lovelace
Horoscope illustrations in the sky

Aries: Your keen networking abilities offer opportunities for academic growth. Don’t be deterred by change, think of it as an opportunity to shine. Harness your competitive nature by joining the COCC intramural basketball league. Don’t obsess over the scoreboard. Take comfort in your team’s sense of collaboration and creativity.

Gemini: Courage is your greatest asset. This year, prepare for triumphs and monotonous work routines. Resist the status quo and undertake novel tasks. Inconsistency and impulsivity may try to derail you. Apply for an ASCOCC position. Take chances, trust your intuition and make the best of your adaptability and resourcefulness.

Cancer: You will navigate transformative waves of personal growth in your education. Your adaptive spirit and determination will help you overcome challenges. A new relationship will enter your life. Go to Barber Library at 3 p.m. on Nov. 3 and meet your soulmate. Be careful not to get attached to unstable projects and relationships.

Leo: Embrace opportunities that push your boundaries and create ripples of change. Go ahead and change your major; your inherent leadership skills will help you forge a new educational path. Your new academic adviser will be kind. Resist your stubbornness. Be flexible.

Virgo: During the coming year, changes will challenge you and test your resolve. Remember that you are grounded, sensible and equipped to overcome obstacles. Be open and take calculated risks to watch your career take off. Don’t accept that unpaid internship, though. Your work is valuable.

Libra: Major transformations and improvements are in the stars. Remember: your goals are not about the journey but the destination. Being a good listener comes naturally to you, so use that to reach your goal. Try not to let your people-pleasing habits get the best of you; put yourself first. Enter COCC’s creative writing contest.

Scorpio: Look forward to positive shifts in your career and improvements in your finances, thanks to a scholarship from the COCC Foundation. Focus on the balance between your physical and emotional self by taking a yoga class. Your success depends on your powerful drive and confidence. Trust yourself.

Sagittarius: A series of adventures will shape your intellectual and spiritual self. You may find yourself involved in power struggles or facing unemployment. Use your intrinsic wit to determine a solution. Join the First Nations Student Union, where your talents will make a difference.

Capricorn: Your ambitious attitude will turn your dreams into reality this year. Your bonds with others will deepen and your understanding of yourself will grow stronger. Your discipline and hard work will be recognized, bringing new responsibilities your way. That confusing math assignment will eventually make sense. Do not let your impatience lead to rushed decisions. Take it slow and keep working hard.

Aquarius: Brace yourself for opportunities to experiment, travel and expand your horizon.Trust your skills and nurture your ideas. Don’t be afraid to take great risks for an even greater reward. Apply for that Sodexo job. But remember that you can be wrong and mistakes are opportunities for growth. Balance your work and life. Don’t let your past limit your success.

Pisces: Let your naturally compassionate and adaptive spirit be your guiding star. Embrace the unpredictability of life and you will turn valleys into peaks. Before you dive head first into new projects and professional ventures, find your drip at Clothing Connections. Though some tasks seem intimidating, your creativity, determination and new ‘fits will help you sail through the year.

Taurus: You will make unprecedented progress this season. You will climb the social ladder and gain many new relationships. You will earn exciting new responsibilities. Run around the track each Friday and then win “Storm the Stairs” in spring. Compromise and collaborate when needed.

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