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Journaling: an artistic way to manage stress

The cover of my art journal

There are many reasons to keep a journal. Vent writing can help process angry feelings, stream of conscious writing can help relieve the tension of thought overload on your mind, or gratitude writing can help you feel more uplifted and thankful for the life and world around you. 

Journaling comes in so many different forms, and the options of tailoring journaling to help with your specific needs are basically endless. There isn’t exactly a specific definition for what journaling is, but it consists of expressing thoughts, feelings, emotions and whatnot on paper. In this digital age, journaling could even be done online, since there are lots of apps that offer different journaling experiences. However, I enjoy using my journaling time as a brief moment to put down technology and appreciate writing and creating with physical elements, such as a pen and paper. 

Surprisingly, the benefits of journaling go far beyond clearing your mind and helping you express yourself. 

According to Kaitlyn Arford on Skillshare, “When it comes to physical health, people who journal have lower blood pressure, lower stress and better liver function. Journaling also boosts your immune system and even helps your chances of fighting asthma and arthritis.” 

With the benefits of journaling spreading from relieving mental stress, to strengthening your physical bodily functions, there are many reasons to pick up journaling. 

I’m only going to focus on the few types of journaling that I use myself, but here is an article that dives deeper into many other types of journaling. The main types of journaling I do are daily journaling and art journaling. 

A page from my art journal

I have one main journal that I try to write in every day. I’ve almost finished my current one, and I have a new one to take its place that I can’t wait to use. This journal is honestly a smattering of randomness, and it ebbs and flows depending on where I am in life. 

My goal with this journal is to add something every day, whether it is words, art, or something else. Below are a few of the artsy things I’ve done in this journal. One of the things I love to record is the music I listen to, and the songs I have on repeat. I also keep track of the important things happening in my life, important things I feel, and anything else that seems relevant to who I am at that moment. 

Another recent piece in my art journal

I try to write in this journal as often as I can, although there have been some dry spells where I won’t write for months. I’ve learned however, that I feel happier and more accomplished when I write in this journal more often than not. 

The other journal I keep and use pretty regularly is my art journal. This one is also a collection of an assortment of different things, ranging from collage art to poetry that I’ve written. 

Keeping a journal has helped me personally in many ways, and hopefully I’ve inspired you to try journaling for yourself. 

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