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Summer term is quickly approaching, here’s what you need to know prepare

Summer term is quickly approaching, heres what you need to know prepare

Amber Reed/ The Broadside
Summer term is quickly approaching, and much has changed now that campus is closed, and classes will continue to be taught remotely.

Now is a great time to get in touch with an advisor and figure out the best way to construct a class schedule that works well with these new changes. Meetings will also be remote, but with Zoom as an available tool the transition to remote advising will be smooth.

According to the schedule of classes available on the COCC website, classes will be offered in four different ways, online, remote, hybrid and face-to-face. The term will begin June 22 and registration will remain open to some extent until around the second week of the term. It is important to note that at this point classes may be full, and students would need to get in touch with course instructors to evaluate their options.

If a student chooses to register for an online course they will need to complete the online orientation course to know how to complete tasks during the term. This is a great option for students who enjoy having a flexible schedule and will not need to be restricted to a classroom setting.

Many of these courses will focus mainly on quizzes and other assignments that will be given through Blackboard. The required online orientation teaches students about how the class will be conducted and how to use Blackboard. If students are familiar with the program it will likely only take an hour to complete.

For remote classes scheduling will be different and will require students to be present during class time and day previously determined, however many of these courses have not announced when they will take place. It can not currently be confirmed whether or not changes will be made prior to the beginning of summer term.

Face-to-face courses will be available for subjects that involve a more hands on type of learning, such as automotive courses, airplane and helicopter piloting courses and CNA courses. Class will be scheduled during the week where safe distance can be maintained and does not put students or staff at an increased risk.

The last option available is a hybrid course that will include zoom lectures for normal class hours, and then in person lab days will be conducted on campus. Everyone’s temperatures will be recorded when in person labs are conducted in order to ensure their safety. The courses that will be offered in this format include automotive, criminal justice, commercial piloting, first aid and welding.

To get in contact with a student advisor there are many options available. However since a majority of campus is currently closed students can email, set up a zoom meeting or call to discuss a plan for the future. If this is a student’s first time going through the advising process it is important that a placement test is completed, and have been admitted to COCC before calling CAP services to set up an advising appointment.

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