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Dating service flyers violate policy

Kirsteen Wolf
The Broadside

During the second week of October, some students were handed sheets of paper with an invitation to join a dating service.

“They did not obtain permission to distribute the handouts,” said Campus Public Safety Supervisor Robert McDilda. “They were served with a compliance order.”

The handout described the service as strictly professional started by three men with “hopes and dreams just like you” who are hoping to build a team to “work together for proper uprising so we can build a brighter future.”

The three men listed on the paper are Shawn Jackson, Leroy Armstrong and Matt Meek.

The three are considered owners according to Meek.

“Solicitation in not allowed on campus without prior approval of the college,” said McDilda.

Armstong is not a student of Central Oregon Community College. Jackson is not attending this term and Meek is enrolled for the fall according to Admissions and Records of COCC.

Armstrong confirmed that Meek handed out the flyers.

While the dating service advertises itself as a way to meet people, it refers to “clients” and “employees.” The clients will require a
background check for the safety of the employees.

When asked if sex would be involved, Armstrong stated that “ladies can use their discretion.”

“We are no different than any other dating service,” Armstrong said. “We’re still in the process of creating this business.”

There is a Passionate Love Professional Dating Service Facebook page with two men pictured and two “likes.” The location stated is Redmond, Oregon.

According to the flyer, photos of potential employees were requested in order to “show their body statute.” The starting wage according to the hand out is $50 per hour “after date is completed.” Dates can last from hours to “ongoing days.”

When asked how much the dating service would charge clients, Armstrong replied “That’s for the business.”

The handout states that anyone employed with the dating service “will get paid with accommodations.”

Armstrong said that a client might be “someone not in the state of Oregon” and that the client would pay to have the employee flown to the location, hotel costs and the cost of the date. Meek confirmed that the business had a license.

“As of today, we can take calls,” he said.

Meek hopes to expand to international and overseas business in the future.

There are at least three employees according to Meek. All are women.

Armstrong stated that the group is not engaged in prostitution.

 You can contact Kirsteen Wolf at [email protected].

With any issue on campus, students, staff and faculty can contact Campus Public Safety with any concerns
Campus Security Dispatch: 541-383-7272
After hours: 541-480-2418
Desk: 541-317-3077

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