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2006/2007 School Year College provides fiscal and administrative services
Document 1 According to an email sent by Kevin Kimball “the College has began providing accounting, budgeting, and administrative services for the ASCOCC in 2006.” This service came after an external auditors letter was given to the college with “comment related ASCOCC,” writes Kimball in email on OCT.13 2010
Sept 15,2008 First donation to COCCYes!
ASCOCC donates $800 to COCCYES! Advocacy group
Sept 29, 2008 Change to food and beverage policy
Food and Beverage Policy approved and placed in COCC Policy and Procedures manual. The policy states, “ Since the Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College have voted to tax themselves as a part of tuition and fees, the monies that they generate through this process are not a part of the general fund and, as such, are not governed by the above regulation.”
Aug 27, 2009 Proposal submitted to ASCOCC for donation to COCCYes! Campaign
Document 2 India Simmons and Charlie Miller proposal submitted a proposal to ASCOCC for a donation to the COCCYes! campaign. The committee needed a total of $18,326. ASCOCC approved $10,000, according to the student government’s meeting minutes.
Sept 2, 2009 College receives legal advice that donation is legal
Document 3 Page 1Document 3 Page 2 Sharla Andresen, from the Chief Financial Officer’s Office, sends an email to college officials referring to the legal opinion over the $30,000 donation, in cash and other contributions, to the COCC YES! advocacy group.“After consultation with Ron Bryant [COCC’s lawyer], Dave Dona [COCC ], Gordon Price [director of student life and former advisor to ASCOCC], and Terry Link (ASCOCC Member), the ASCOCC students may give any amount of funds to the COCC YES! advocacy group supporting the bond campaign,” writes Andresen.
Sep 15, 2009 ASCOCC donates to COCCYes!
Document 4 Page 1
ASCOCC gives the approved donation of $10,000 to COCCYes! advocacy group
Document 4 Page 2
Nov. 3, 2009 Bond measure passes
Bond Measure 9-73 passes giving college over $41million.
Apr. 15, 2010 Student body votes in new ASCOCC constitution
A new ASCOCC constitution was voted on and approved by the student body. Some of the changes made include;• Instead of a required 2.5 GPA the new constitution requires a 2.0 cumulative GPA for all council members.

• A minimum requirement of 1.0 credit hour for council members.

• The old constitution stated that “The ASCOCC Executive Council shall consist of the President, Vice President, Public Relations Officer, Recording Secretary, Business Manager and clubs coordinator.” The new constitution states, “Council members may not hold the same title for more than two consecutive years.” The titles mentioned are undefined.

Aug, 2, 2010 ASCOCC gets new advisor
Taran Underdal officially begins as new advisor to ASCOCC
Sept, 24, 2010 Alicia Moore writes an email containing two possible outcomes for ASCOCC
Document 5 Page 1Document 5 Page 2

Document 5 Page 3

Alicia Moore, dean of students, writes an email which contains a draft of possible outcomes of ASCOCC. The draft gives two op­tions, option A and option B. Option A gives a list which includes ASCOCC rewriting their constitution, operating under current by­laws, and complying with Oregon Open Meeting and Public Records Laws. Option B would come into affect if option A is not followed. Under option B, ASCOCC would not be recognized as a organization and they would be essentially dissolved.
Sept. 29, 2010 ASCOCC goes to Washington DC
Document 6 ASCOCC members take trip to Washington D.C. for a student government conference. The cost of the trip totaled $18,383.46.
Oct. 12, 2010 ASCOCC hires lawyer and public relations representative
Document 7 ASCOCC hires lawyer Greg Lynch and public relations representative India Simmons.According to an ASCOCC memorandum the reasons for hiring the attorney.

1. Clarify ASCOCC’s autonomy

2. Solidify ASCOCC’s authority to allocate student fees within the structure of ASCOCC’s constitution and bylaws.

3. Work in good faith with the College Administration in this effort (establish working parameters)

4. Ensure that COCC cannot dissolve or alter ASCOCC as this definitive process progresses.

5. Create a clearly defined relationship with the college

6. Other related issues.

Nov. 3, 2010 Documents reveal Executive Council Member’s boyfriend made over $19,000

Document 8 Page 1

Document 8 Page 2

College releases documents by request of media that reveal boyfriend of executive council member paid over $19,000 through the 2009-2010 fiscal year.
Dec. 9, 2010 Documents show lawyer and P.R. Representative paid over $10,000

Document 9 Page 1

Document 9 Page 2

Public document request made for contracts between ASCOCC, Greg Lynch, and India Simmons. The documents reveal Lynch has billed $5103.50 and Simmons $5,850.00.
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