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Dormitory Hell Pt. 2


Iysha Macy/The Broadside

Vandalism in the COCC dorms have gotten worse to the point COCC Wickiup housing has installed security cameras on all 5 floors looking down the halls and in the community areas on each floor! I have interviewed the director of student and campus life, Andrew Davis and he states, “The cameras run 24/7 and is managed by COCC security and from that point on there hasn’t been any incidents of vandalism.” So far so good!

 Recently looking back to the broadside in 1967 The dorm vandalism was much worse back then compared to now “Dormitory hell” was written by Lindsey Rowley she then states “The old dorm hall had two wings, the girls and the boy’s side, each wing had four floors and two bathrooms. The wings were separated by a common area that had a fireplace, a couch, and an office. Downstairs there was a pool table and a big screen TV. Students back then would describe living in the dorms to be morbid, unsanitary, too small and too expensive, and they’d mention it’s almost like living in an animal lab.

Back then it would cost $1500.00 to live in the dorms and another $1500.00 to get your own room. And in the now of 2022 for a single bedroom for fall, winter, and spring term it will cost $15,900 and for a double it would cost $12,819 The dorms today are in a whole different building, which have five floors, 80 suites singles and doubles the single bedrooms have 4 rooms, a lounge area, a bathroom, and two sinks. The doubles have two rooms two beds in each room, a lounge area, and one bathroom with two sinks.

Students living in the dorms of 2021-22 have endured allot this is what they have to say

Adri Newman: “The dorms are pretty nice, considering it’s a community college. Allot of the students here abuse this privilege, by partying, breaking things, and making things rough for everyone who just wants to chill.”

 Moira Mclaughlin: “My pro on living here is that you can meet a bunch of new people and make great connections and friendships. Doing this gets you out of your comfort zone, its almost like becoming an adult and how also learning how to be an adult. My cons are that you have to be quiet through the night because people sleep early and trying to get out of your own comfort zone vandalism has been an ongoing issue and the major stupidity in these “adults” who don’t know how to respect other people’s space, and concerns.” 

Arthur Holguin: “I think one of the biggest pros are the convenience to walk to class, I know a couple people who must commute to get here. Its best to live up here that way it’s not as stressful. There’s an issue of people getting stupidly drunk at a very inconvenient time and making it a big problem for everyone else here.”

Owen Powell: You meet new people, make friends and whatever it’s a nice place to live, people for the most part are nice it’s just the thin line between the people vandalizing the dormitory and making it worse for us I’d give Wickiup hall a 7 out of 10 grade scale on living in the dorms.

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