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COCC’s student government plans for winter term

The ASCOCC office in Coats Campus Center (Photo by Broadside Staff).

Seth Root/The Broadside

Due to COVID-19, student life on campus has been non-existent. Not only are students not allowed on campus, but many students are unaware of the many groups at Central Oregon Community College that are there to help students with their problems.

One group that students are unaware of is COCC’s student government.

For those who do not know, the student government’s job is to help students start a club, advocate for the students through lobbying efforts, and help them when the students are in a jam.

Just this last term, the student government helped many COCC students, faculty, and staff by managing a food drive during Thanksgiving time. ASCOCC helped serve 170 families throughout all four campuses. Over 10 COCC departments donated to the food drive. Faculty and staff from the college also assisted in putting the food items together in bags and in handing out the food items to students in need.

This term, the student government is doing two new things to help students through this tough time.

“We are working on covering shipping for textbooks from the bookstore,” said Jacob Ashby, the Legislative Affairs Director. “For the fall term, the college covered shipping. But this term, the college decided not to cover it. So, we are working on covering it this term. Unfortunately, a lot of the students already bought their textbooks, but we are working on a reimbursement program.”

The student government is also helping students by giving the students the resources they need to fend off COVID-19.

“We are also putting together health hygiene bags for the winter term, said Savanna Podell, the Student Affairs Director. We will be supplying hand sanitizers, masks, handsoap, and mental health pamphlets.”

ASCOCC also wanted students to know that they have not forgotten its students and are developing a program to help students here at COCC.

“We are working on a mentorship program for future students at the college, said Podell. “We want students to have the resources they need to ask questions and feel more connected because this time, especially, we are showing our weak spots with COVID-19. So, that is why we are working on a mentorship program.”

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