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Is Halloween happening this year?  

By Sarah Lightley

Sarah Lightley/ The Broadside

As Halloween grows near, the question remains, should children trickortreat on Halloween this year? Seven adults (ages 30-60), most of them mothers, were interviewed what they thought about children trickortreating. In addition, four college students (ages 18-20) also gave their take on the issue. Below are the results.  

Five out of the seven adults said that children should go trickortreating this year. The two that voted against it thought it would be better to have a controlled, family and/or friend festive get- together, instead of going to random houses. Three out of the four college students thought that kids should go trickor-treating on Halloween this year.  

Please note: Most/all quotes will stay anonymous! 


The reasons behind voting “yes” for Trick-or-Treating 

  • “Keeping the magic alive with our children right now especially, is another important way to protect them and their happiness. As long as it’s done with caution and safety, we should do everything we can!”   
  • “But honestly, we are outside in fresh air and for mental health, yes trickortreat,” said Ana, an owner of a daycare. 
  • “They are out in the open air. Most families are separated, and they usually have masks already from their costume or they can incorporate their mask and I feel children need to continue to live,” Cyndi a mother of two girls.  


Alternative ideas to Trick-or-Treating:  

  • “Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about trickortreating this year. Seems safer not to go to strangers’ houses. Might be a better idea for families to have fun with a few friends/family members, enjoying snacks, crafts, games, etc. Even a mini trunkortreat with traceable participants feels safer than random trickortreating. And no matter what, handwashing/sanitizing/masks should be utilized when appropriate. While we should have fun with our kids on Halloween, it’s not worth risking schools closing again, said by a fourth-grade teacher, and a mother of two.    
  • “I think it is better to have an alternative plan of celebrating with family instead of going door to door, said by a dance teacher and a mother of two. 


The reasons provided by college students:  

  • A COCC student said this about trick or treating, “No, because COVID-19 is something that should be taken seriously and if they go trickortreating there will be a lot of cross contamination happening.”  
  • “It would be easy to social distance and people would be able to wear masks. 
  • “People should be able to give them candy in baggies so it’s safe for the kids.”  
  • “With restrictions in place to help maintain social distance guidelines. I think masks should be worn even though it’s outside. Large groups will be out and about. I also think that the people giving out the candy should wear masks for extra protection. I still think kids should be able to have fun time on the holiday even though the world is crazy right now as long as they are being safe, said by a sophomore in college.  


No tricks just treats: This website has a map for trickortreating families in the Bend area. There are different symbols of Halloween that represent different comfort levels for families during COVID.    

Cauldrons: Will have a bowl for children to reach into but require no interaction with the host to receive candy. 

Pumpkins: Will greet guests, while wearing masks and maintaining social distance. 

Witch hats: Will have candy in individual bags and require no interaction to receive candy. 

Ghosts: Are extra creative and will have a candy chute or other creative means to provide trick-or-treaters with a no interaction experience! 



Old Mill District will not be handing out candy on Halloween, October 31st There will be photo booths with fun themes running from October 24th – 30th. To find out more click this link: 

It is important to wear masks and gloves when giving out candy. Stay safe, social distance, wear masks with your costume, and have fun. Happy Halloween!! 

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