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Understanding movement

Marcus LeGrand

By Marcus LeGrand | The Broadside (Contact: [email protected])

Moving has many  direct or indirect meanings, whether it’s changing your location of residence, your job, your  school, or leaving to explore a faraway land. All of this with the understanding that as you navigate or function in today’s hyper-impulsive environment, you must be able to recognize that movement can place you ahead or failure in order to accomplish goals.  

But for me, movement is all based on a strong feeling that propels you forward in whatever race you enter. If you are entering the business arena, the medical field or education, the race is only won if you’ve fulfilled your dream.  

The hardest part for most college students is understanding that for you to have upward mobility or to succeed, you must be driven and have a capable process that evokes small to medium successes along the way.  

Often as college students, we look to mentors, professors or our peers to help us achieve, not truly knowing if the outcomes will be beneficial. I’ve often stated to have success, you must surround yourself with people with comparable or superior intellect than you. I call it a mastermind group, because it allows  you to bounce things off one another in the quest to find how you can help society.

The purpose of the prosperity is to encourage scholars, the media, and the interested public to take a holistic view and to understand how it is created.  A concerted effort of movement extends beyond just material wealth. It includes factors such as human rights and liberties, health, opportunity, security, and overall quality of life.

Now I’m not a scientist, but for someone to put their life into motion it calls for what they want to be produced out of it. Or how you envision helping others, or your drive to keep creating regardless of the outcomes.  

Nevertheless, success or movement can mean a feeling, that tingle of excitement about what you do, sticking with what matters through hard times, living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect. Ultimately, it’s a continuous journey that sheds light on what is necessary to be a unique you.  

Central Oregon Community College students, as you try to find value in life, I want to you consider one thing. Regardless of where you land in your career, remember perspective is everything and it helps any movement remain stable.

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