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Rotunda Gallery features student submissions
Graphic by Spencer Light | The Broadside (Contact: [email protected])

By Emma Kaohi | The Broadside (Contact: [email protected])

For the eighth annual year, the Rotunda Gallery gave students an opportunity to showcase their talents at the 2018 student art show..

A large number of artists submit their work while very few are chosen. Greg Amanti is a master moldmaker, stone carver, and critically-acclaimed artist who jurored the show, alongside award-winning visual artist and designer Heather Crank.

“Even though this is a ‘student’ show, I looked at all the work with a critical eye – as anything else dishonors artists submitting work. Whether or not they were selected for this show, I want to encourage students and artists to continue to believe in their work. The jury process is not kind, but it is a sign of respect for artists’ work and offers a chance for valuable feedback,” Juror Greg Amanti said.  “It pays for those whose work did not jury into the show to remember that while work was chosen based on individual merit, the final selection had to come together as a show. Please, always take the leap and submit work for jurying. The road to success is built on lessons learned by taking chances.”

Bill Hoppe, professor of art at Central Oregon Community College,  held high expectations for his students work as he spoke at the opening ceremony. Praises of the pieces of art displayed were given as he spoke at the ceremony and noted the detail and execution each artist took.

“We are always very impressed by the quality of work that is done at this college. They were very, very strict about what they allowed in. For me this is the highest standards yet for exhibition. So, if you’re in the exhibition, you want to celebrate the work that you’ve done,” said Hoppe.

Art pieces showcasing different mediums such as pencil, watercolor, metals and black and white film photography were displayed upon entering Barber Library and along the upstairs overhang.

Student MacKenzie Gilmere celebrated her metal work that received an honorable mention. Her idea for the piece came from her choice of material.  “For the necklace, there wasn’t really any inspiration other than a couple samples my instructor Mary Jo [Weiss] showed us, which were some patinated copper. I took that as inspiration and just ran with it and kind of built it as I went along. For the earrings, the stones themselves were the inspiration, I wanted to showcase the stones beauty and what they had in a piece that would make them wearable,” said Gilmere.

Every year COCC purchases a piece to be displayed in Barber Library. This year, Lucas Elliot’s piece titled “9×9” was purchased to be hung, in addition to his first prize win and honorable mentions for his watercolor paintings.

“If you didn’t get in the exhibition, you want to take a close look at the carefulness and focus in these pieces and the fact that almost all of them make a statement, they really say something, all about communication,” said Hoppe.

Next year, the selection process will be following the same criteria and critiques. Pieces chosen to be showcased this year will be on display until June 7th. 

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