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Student government looks ahead to upcoming elections
Graphic by Spencer Light | the Broadside (Contact: [email protected])

By Emma Kaohi | The Broadside (Contact: [email protected])

The students behind Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College push for the betterment of COCC’s students, with a mission to “Represent and serve all students by providing effective governance, advocacy, services and programs that will contribute to individual student success, enhance the college experience and benefit the community.”

This year, President Makenzie Hice and other council member’s main priority was to focus on the students on campus while providing them a safe space to feel good mentally so they could perform better academically. This was done through efforts such as free movies, ice skating, and WinterFest tickets, as well as other on-campus events.

“For each class credit, students pay fees, and those fees go to us to put on events for students. We provide resources, like the food bags that students can come and get, and just try to make a fun environment for students and provide outlets for them that are not just academic resources,” Hice said.

Offered on campus, students can purchase a discounted bus pass for the “Zone 1 Bend Area” for $10, when it is originally priced at $30. There is also a  “Multi-Zone” pass, which allows passengers to travel between cities for $40 when it is originally priced at $100.

Year-round, ASCOCC provides free food bags whichypically provides three meals, which students can picked up bi-weekly at the ASCOCC office with their student ID card..

“We have three elected candidates, but they get appointed first,” Hice explained. “That is the President, the Student Affairs Coordinator, who is in charge of the clubs, and the Legislative Affairs Coordinator, who handles the political side like going to board meetings and representing our students. The students vote for those three students.”

Due to complications during last school years election, Hice hopes that this year’s elections will be a much smoother process. A forum for students and candidates will be conducted, where students will be able to gain a better understanding of those running. A month following this, students will be able to vote for which candidate they feel would best represent them in student government. Applications for elected positions are due by Friday, April 27 by 4 p.m.

The appointed positions, however, undergo a regular hiring process, complete with an interview. Applications for appointed positions are due by Thursday, May 17 at 4 p.m.

Although no candidates voices have been heard yet, each year brings a new chance for change to occur. Noting that this year’s focus was on creating a safer, happier space on campus, the priorities of those in office next year may change.

“Next year, students may want to focus on the political side, going to the Capital and representing the student body,” Hice said. “So, there’s nothing I want them to focus on specifically, but finding something that their passionate about on campus and really sticking to that and keeping the students interests at heart, is what I want.” 

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