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OSU-Cascades COPE in a race against time to get more student involvement

Central Oregon Psychology Enthusiasts is one of the longest-running and most involved clubs at Central Oregon Community College, but it’s having trouble making the jump to Oregon State University-Cascades.

When the OSU-Cascades chapter of COPE first opened last year, it saw a lack of student interest, according to Suci Sonnier, president of the OSU-Cascades chapter and former president of the COCC chapter.

Transferring students who were already members of the COCC chapter of C.O.P.E found it difficult to assimilate from one club to the next. Sonnier and OSU-Cascades COPE vice president Jasmin Clawson want to build a stepping stone to help incoming students have a better, more comfortable transition between COCC and OSU-cascades.

“Students that are coming in are so invested in the COCC COPE that it’s hard for them to shift into a new format,” Sonnier said.

Sonnier, a long time officer of the club, hopes to open up dialogue with OSU professors and help build a better network between the club and OSU-Cascades.

“Our motivation is to start a conversation,” Sonnier said. “Teachers can only do so much. Our goal is to provide an enriched environment for individuals who are interested in the field of psychology.”

COCC’s COPE has been running since 2012, and bringing a club with such legacy into a new setting is not an easy task, but Sonnier and Clawson are preparing for what they anticipate to be a full and exciting year.

“Last year, we only had the walk relay and the suicide prevention event, and they were good, but this year we’re planning bigger events,” Clawson said.

Currently, COPE has been driving towards gathering more individuals to join their ranks. With all of their officers currently being senior level and graduating next year, it’s a race against time to set up a new office with new students before the graduating class leaves. In April, COPE will be holding office elections to help fill the spots that will be vacated with the exiting seniors.
“As students transition from COCC to OSU and go from freshman and sophomore to junior and senior their needs change, and they shift towards requiring new tools and new material,” Sonnier said. “We strive to provide those, and that is one of the biggest things that sets us apart from our sister version of COPE at COCC.”


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