2 thoughts on “Coping through kite-flying

  1. CONGRATULATIONS Connor! This is a great article about you and I am extremely happy and excited for you. I am impressed how you are overcoming the odds and doing such creative and spectacular things. you must continue to tell your story because it is unusual, touching and heart warming.
    I am proud of you and will inform our family and friends.

    Keep your wonderful attitude and this thing going.

    Love, Genny

  2. Connor,

    What a beautiful article that highlights so much of your accomplishments and achievements, not to mention all you’ve had to overcome in your life thus far! You are an amazing young man with tons of potential!!! I am so proud of you! You continue to inspire us all! Please know that all of us, your entire family, from West Coast to East continue to cheer you on with all of your hopes & dreams!!! I know you will be successful at whatever you do b/c you have a spirit that is unmatched! Keep up the good work and being the amazing person that you are!!!

    Your loving cousin,


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