7 thoughts on “Administrator "flabbergasted" by ASCOCC’s actions at Conference

  1. Great article and great reporting! Something needs to be done about ASCOCC and it’s unbelievable they are wasting money on jaqcuizzi hotel rooms, meals and then drinking in front of children.

  2. What the hell is going on with our Student Government? If the folks elected are not “serving their fellow student body” then what are they doing outside the supervision of the students they serve? These kinds of allegations should never be be brought up in the realm of any kind of public service. The student Government members actions should be above reproach. If this article is telling the truth, then there needs to be further investigation and swift reprimand for these corrupt kinds of actions. ASCOCC’s actions are the reflection of who we are as a student body and affect our reputation and credibility. I hope the allegations are not true, but if they are than action must be taken and, the responsibility lies with the student body to probe further into this matter to locate, close with, and find the truth ASAP!

  3. If things were so bad at this conference, why didn’t the advisor do anything? While I agree that student government should be held to a higher standard, shouldn’t the advisor step in and protect the reputation of the college? Furthermore, what is the advisor of the broadside doing? Whenever I read a copy of the broadside it seems like there’s retractions on stories presented to us as fact. How does that happen so consistently? A better question might be is why isn’t the school doing anything about these faculty members not doing their appointed jobs? Don’t we pay them enough?

  4. I truly believe that if we are going to have people representing us, and representing the college as a whole, and using that money for private gain, their needs to be something done about this. If need be reelection of those in authority, and who are deemed responsible for the actions that occurred over at the conference in the valley. If deemed necessary make them pay it back, have the college force them to pay it back, and lose their position in governmental position. I’m ashamed has a student going to Central Oregon Community College, and having our student government taking actions like that I’m truly appalled of the matter, and some action needs to be taken, and taken soon. By the way what was the purpose of hiring the lawyer in the first place, was it to cover their tracks for personal spending on college funds. An investigation needs to be proceeded in this matter. Something needs to be done. They have no right to have that position in the first place,

  5. First off, isn’t a newspaper supposed to be unbiased about what they print? Seems to me they (the staff at the paper) are the accusers. Hum? Everyone needs to remember there are two sides to every story; I see a lot of stuff printed but no evidence to prove it. I think some people are jumping to conclusion here; we need to slow down and take a look at all the evidence once it is all laid out.

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