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OSU-Cascades students practice defensive zombie tactics

Anna Quesenberry

OSU Cascades student attempts to fight off his opponent against overwhelming odds at the National Guard base in Redmond.
Photo by Stephen Badger | The Broadside

The Broadside

On Nov. 16, zombies swarmed the Biak training ground. A small army rushed to defend the area. Humans battled an unyielding zombie horde untilthere was only one man left standing. Soldiers were armed with paint balls.

Humans Vs. Zombies started at Oregon State University-Cascades on Oct. 20, according to Associated Students of Cascades Campus President, Rachel Mayhill. Select students were designated as zombies and others as humans. The zombie student’s mission was to infect human students by throwing a sock at them. Humans were converted to zombies when they were hit with a sock.

ASCC combined efforts with the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and decided to incorporate paintball to make it an “epic experience,” said Mayhill.”I’m having a blast,” said Aaron Croslow, an OSU-Cascades engineering major.

OSU-Cascades Student Life Coordinator, Andrew Davis participated in the event along with students.

“I spend all day in the office,” said Davis. “Why wouldn’t I want to come spend a day with students doing this.”

“Fast and Furious” was Davis’ team’s strategy during the game of capture the flag. “The fun thing about paintball is it’s not accurate.”

The Zombie Vs. Humans paintball war serves as a good recruiting strategy for ROTC, according to Cadet Alyssa Price, an OSU-Cascades student studying Eco & Adventure Tourism. With realistic replicas of military weapons, the experience also provides training for those already part of ROTC, according to Lieutenant Patrick Bockey.

Aside from being a fun experience, Cadet Matt Ragan said the event gives the students a glimpse into the military.

“The simulation gives civilians the chance to see what the military does and how we train,” said Ragan.

ROTC provided all of the equipment for the Humans Vs. Zombie event, and it was funded by the ASCC. The purpose of the event was to help bring students together and create a sense of community, according to Mayhill.

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