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Letters to the editor

Hey, all. I truly enjoy the journalism you all are putting forth this year, and I respect the amount of time you all are putting in at the office. This continuing ASCOCC saga is intriguing.

One quick note about your graph…although it’s very eye – catching, it’s a tad misleading. You see, you’re trying to show Mr. Walker’s heightened salary with a modified bar chart. No prob there; Mr. Walker’s height is roughly double the other three, as it should be. The issue arises when you made his pictograph about 50% WIDER than the others. By doing that, you actually make the AREA of the figure about 3 times the area of each of the other three (ah, the beauty of geometry: the areas of each of Coito, Link, and Pierce are (base)(height); Walker’s is (1.5 base)( 2 height), or 3 times the area of the others, which appears 50% bigger than it should).

Why does this matter? Because the human eye won’t ignore one dimension to favor another, readers will inevitably look at the total area of the figure, which is inflated. I’m not disputing your numbers, mind you…simply recognizing the bias you most likely inadvertently created.

Keep up the good work, friends. I’m proud of you!

Sean Rule, COCC Math Professor

For perspective regarding the boyfriend of a ASCOCC member making $19,000 for 16 You- Tube videos representing student needs at COCC campus, here’s my comparison.

I recently left the professional TV news business, working for a NBC affiliate as a videographer, editor and reporter. Made about $90 bucks a day, before taxes. Had to shoot and edit usually one or two news packages which ran about 2 minutes. Also many other activities each day on the job. So in 3 weeks I’d shoot 16 videos easily. Add that up, it cost the company maybe $2,000 to create 16 videos. Throw in some gas money and per diem for this boyfriend, maybe max $2,500.

So ASCOCC, pay me half of what this boyfriend got paid and I’ll still laugh at the scam being pulled all the way to the bank.

This stinks, it’s corrupt. Follow the money Broadside reporters, follow the money.

– Scott, COCC Nursing Student

This is the second week in a row I feel that you have not taken your responsibility seriously. Last week you were telling people to not think but drink and gave tips on costume choices so that the costume would not hinder the person’s ability to drink. I thought it was ironic that you contradicted yourself in that issue. Before your article on drinking, you chastised some members of ASCOCC for drinking and then you turn around, condone drinking, and even give recipes for some drinks.

Then there was this issue this week where on the front page you have some racial slurs that are used to bully homosexuals. I know that these slurs are out there along with most everyone else. I personally do not use them or even like to hear those words so to see you put them on the front page of the student paper that I support through student fees I thought was irresponsible. I really feel that the Broadside is not representative of me as a student at COCC. I am disappointed that my student fees are used to promote this irresponsibility.

Personally, by supporting the Broadside through student fees I feel as though I am supporting or condoning the student newspaper in what it is printing. When the opposite is in fact the truth, I do NOT condone what you have been printing and I wish you would be more responsible, and have integrity in what you print. I do believe in the first amendment right but also believe that there is a great responsibility that comes along with that right.

Thank you

– Collin Olmsted

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