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Welcome to the newest addition to The Broadside. On the Side is a new weekly column that will answer any and all questions from you, the reader.

Too lazy to look for a scholarship? Ask On the Side. Want advice on whose class to take? Ask On the Side. Having trouble understanding something a newspaper has printed? Ask On the Side! Sensing a trend? We, meaning me, the silent and
hidden On the Side columnist, will dig for and search out an answer to any and all questions, the more asinine the better.

Please keep in mind that the views in this column do not necessarily represent the views of The Broadside, and that the columnist will choose the questions to be answered. Have a question? Please email it to [email protected]

All email addresses and names will be kept confidential.


Dear On the Side,
I eat at the school everyday while in classes and though there is a variety of food I am frankly sick of eating there. The problem is I don’t have a ton of money and I hate fast foods like McDonald’s and Burger King. So my question is this: where can I find decent food for a decent price near the College?

Ah, the eternal quest for cheap and edible foods. It is hard to find a place that has variety and is cheap. So I went on the hunt for some nearby food places with quality foods for less and I found three great ones right off Galveston Avenue.

Cibelli’s Pizza
Mmm Pizza… What college student doesn’t love pizza? Cibelli’s is home to the “FootLong Slice”. The pizza is great and the price is even better! At $3.00 a slice this might be the cheapest meal around. The interior is small but cozy with clean counters and friendly staff.

This Columnist recommends the Hawaiian Pizza with Sausage, but don’t forget to check out their veggie options. Keep in mind you can also squeeze in a load of wash at the laundromat next door.

Student and avid skier Kasia Wilson says, “I have been to every location and they are all great”.

Long Board Louie’s

While the outside of this building might make some hesitate, don’t judge a book by its cover. This restaurant features authentic style Mexican food, and is the kind of place where you can order a beer at 10am without any funny looks. The food comes in large quantities more than enough for most to share.

Don’t forget to take a peek at the specials menu. For instance, the Recession Buster Burrito for $3.00 without meat $4.00 with, and a large 32oz soda for $1.75. The inside of the restaurant was clean and the staff was friendly. Oh yeah, and they deliver.

Kristal Salladay a student and bouncer, gives Long Board Louie’s a glowing review even going so far to say, “Longboard Louise is the sh*t!”.

Parrilla Grill

This place has a quirky feel to it right off the bat. The first thing a visitor spots is a sign that says “Sorry we are Open”. The interior is as quirky as the sign, and so is the food. This is the place where you can order just about anything you want and it will come in a burrito.

The staff were friendly and fun and they boast the “Best Margaritas in Town”. The Fettuccine Alfredo with shrimp is awesome, especially with some spinach added in. For $8.00 this burrito/pasta meal doesn’t disappoint.

COCC student Tara Skarbek says, “I love them!”

Each of these places can boast quantity and quality as well as small but inviting interiors. Expect to see a few college students working on their term papers, having a beer (if they’re 21 and older), and debating one thing or another.

So next time you’re starved for change and strapped for cash wander down Galveston Avenue and pick a place, and Bon appétit!

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