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Bobcat racing gets you started

Devon Olden

The Broadside

New program helps students find others to train with while working on individual goals.

This year Central Oregon Community College has created a brand new sports program called Bobcat Racing, directed by Matt Plummer.

This program is built around individual students and their goals in their prospective sports.

Sports include, but are not limited to, running, cycling, skiing, and triathlons.

This fall will be the first term of this program and all athletes are welcome no matter skill level.

Plummer believes everyone has to start somewhere, so why not start here?

The Bobcat Racing program includes goal setting, designing a program that is right for you, and nutritional information to help athletes get the facts they need to be healthy.

Plummer believes individual training programs are important to get in depth and take into consideration students schedules, individual likes and dislikes in certain activities, and any other factors that may be appropriate.

“There’s a lot of information out there that is great for a generic plan, but each of us has unique needs and desires, so that’s why a personal plan is so important,” said Plummer “I honestly cant say what amount of interest there will be in this program. Knowing the type of community we live in, the potential for this is major.”

Once started, the Bobcat Racing program will include individual and group work out sessions, discussions of various topics including financial assistance with race fees and travel expenses, and many other areas beneficial to the athletes.

A major part of creating this club is to help students find other students with similar interests.

“There is no doubt that many students on campus have interests in competing in some type of race, but don’t know other students to train or race with. So helping students meet others with similar interests is a big part,” said Plummer, “It should be a lot of fun!”

If a student is interested in participating, the best thing to do is email Matt Plummer at [email protected].

You may contact Devon Olden at [email protected]

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