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You can’t just Ignore the Rules you Don’t Like

The Broadside Staff Editorial

Following college policy can be a pain; the details can be cumbersome and following regulations time consuming. But policies are important. Rules matter.

Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College, the student government of Central Oregon Community College,  is debating whether it falls under COCC college policy or if they are a separate entity. College policy would act as a form of oversight to ASCOCC’s expenditures and conduct.

If ASCOCC is defined as a organization apart from the college, does the college still pay for the financial services COCC provides to ASCOCC when it comes to collecting student fees? Will they continue to be housed on campus? Will ASCOCC continue to use an advisor who is paid by the college? Do clubs and organizations fall under college policy?

Some policies can  restrict use of college property to strictly college use, provide avenues for complaints, whistle-blowing and set guidelines for accessing public records.These are wise safeguards.

It makes good sense to have firm regulations concerning travel expenses, mileage rates and reimbursements for family members. Policies provide a check and balance and a measure of oversight for organizations by regulating the use of public funds in regards to purchases, outside  contracts, regular audits and to assure the public that public funds are not being used for private benefit.. Although some rules and regulation may be cumbersome, they provide a framework for procedures and instill trust when public funds are being used.

There is no doubt that strict, bureaucratic regulations can hamstring a governing body by limiting access to funds. There’s a lot to be said for freedom and the ability to make decisions and follow through on them in a timely manner.

There is also a lot to be said for responsibility and accountability.

The stance that ASCOCC is taking is understandable. They want to allocate funds to clubs and programs without all the added paperwork that might be constricting if they have to follow college policy. However, COCC’s policies are not something to be dismissed. The policies have been implemented for good reason. If the student government wants less policy, they must improve oversight of their budget.

We are hopeful that ASCOCC will abide by COCC’s policies to ensure proper conduct and handling of funds.

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