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Existing council members re-elected

Tobey Veenstra
The Broadside

The 2010 Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College elections concluded last Friday as students elected three student government executive members for the 2010-2011 school year at COCC.

The newly elected members are Matthew Coito, Terry Link, and Brenda Pierce. Although the elected members were the only three candidates who had already held positions on the student government, they see a lot of difference coming to COCC.

“We’re continuing on and growing on these different plans,” said Pierce. “Specifically the social media.”

The members will each be appointed separate coordinator positions in the student government next school year.

“I want to continue with the marketing coordinator position,” said Pierce “Matt (Coito) will probably want clubs.”

Gordon Price, COCC’s director of Student Life, says there “probably won’t be whole lot of change.”

“It’s nice having some carry-over, but you also want change,” Price continued.
Several students said they were pleased with the results, despite the lack of change.

“I think change is good to an extent,” said AJ Stills, a COCC student. “But having experience is too. As long as they (the members) know what they’re doing it should be good.”

Other candidates for the student body were Dustun Fort, Carrie Hull, Travis Peden, and Dustin Moore.

Although having lost the election, Dustin Moore says he still enjoyed the learning experience.

“I learned numerous things; like how to run a public speech area,” said Moore. “Of course I was disappointed, but I’m glad that the people who won all have experience.”

Pierce says she was impressed with the candidates this year. “This year was great participation,” she said.

Link added that the candidates gave the other candidates “a run for their money.”

Like any political campaign, the ASOCC elections’ were not without accusations, threats, and rule violating.

On the first day of the campaign week Pierce sent a mass campaign email, which is against college policy, according to COCC’s general pro¬cedures manual.

“I haven’t received any official complaints about it (the email),” said Price, “but if we get any, we’ll look into the process.”

Other issues included the creation of two fake Facebook profiles, most notably Amy Vandervelt, an anonymous anti-Brenda Pierce campaign page, and Rick Hader, a fake profile attacking supporters of the Amy Vandervelt page.

After a week of posters be¬ing littered around campus, students are ready to return to a normal campus.

“It’s a bit overwhelming,” said Maya Sanders, a COCC student, about the campaign week posters.

As far as the future of COCC, the winning candidates say they will continue to improve COCC.

“I plan on working hard to create a better COCC,” said Pierce.

Link added that that is something all of the newly elected members can get behind.

You may contact Tobey Veenstra at [email protected]

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