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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Somebody doesn’t like Brenda Pierce

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Brenda Pierce, running for her third term in student government, is seeing trouble in this spring’s elections.

Pierce is having a problem with one of the many tactics she has used so far in the election. Flyers that read, “Vote for Brenda Pierce,” can be seen on every community board across the school, but they are being ripped down. In addition to the posters, a Facebook page was created which strongly opposes Pierce in her run for election.

“The attention this has brought to me is absolutely fabulous,” laughed Pierce as she sat at a table that was littered with campaign flyers.

“There has been targeting of certain individuals, for sure,” said Pierce, who also stated it is “petty of people to tear down flyers.”

Ripped down flyers are not the only incident in opposition to Pierce. A Facebook page was created under the alias by the name of Amy Vandervelt, where the main image states, “Vote no Brenda Pierce. You deserve better.”

“My only problem with that page in particular is the portion that is about causes,” said Pierce, “Those aren’t facts,” Pierce explained about the claims.

The webpage makes three claims. The first accuses Pierce of misusing student fees for personal gain, stating Pierce has a personal brewery in her house, which is paid for by student fees.

“I have never drank a beer in my life,” said Pierce.

Rob Walker, Pierce’s boyfriend, is the coordinator for a student government funded club called The Students of Brew.

The Facebook page also claims that Walker gets a monthly pay of $3,000 a month, which is funded by student fees.

The last claim the website makes is that Pierce “bullied and threatened student body members” that attempted to take a stand for students.

“I will let you know that Brenda Pierce has made a lot of enemies throughout her years, and a lot of people have left,” said Josh Budish, an ASCOCC member that recently left the student government.

An email from Pierce was sent to the alias Amy Vandervelt where Pierce wrote, “It [the page] is a violation of the student code of conduct to insight hate speech and cyber bullying.”

“It’s not hate or cyber bullying. It’s a long overdue anti candidate campaign,” wrote Garrett Galvan, a former ASCOCC member, in the online page.

“Pulling down flyers is definitely not cool,” said Gordon Price, director of student life. “As long as you’re not harassing anyone,” said Price about the website, explaining that students have the right to their own opinions and views about the elections.

Student Government Campaign Tools

The candidates for student government have been posting flyers, handing out leaflets, driving around with signs attached to their cars, buying ads on facebook, and, in one case, sending out mass emails to the student body.

Some of this is in direct violation of law and school regulation.

Flyers that hang on walls, according to college rules, must have a dean of student’s stamp of approval or the flyers are subject to removal.

On College Way signs that are impaled into the ground stream along the street. The signs are decadent with slogans that encourage students to vote for candidates in the upcoming election for student government.

Kim Goose, with the city of Bend sign enforcement stated that all roadside signs must be on private property and must have permission from the land owner. Signs that reside on public property are subject to removal without notice, and if continue to be in violation, are subject to fines, explained Goose.

The mass email sent by Pierce also is in school violation. The email, a campaign tool, asks recipients to vote for Pierce and acknowledges all prior achievements Pierce has made while in her role with ASCOCC.

“You’re not supposed to send out mass emails,” said Gordon Price, after a sigh.


While Pierce has resided on student council, ASCOCC has provided COCC with many programs and clubs. The rail jam, bowling night, and donating shoes are just a few of the events funded by the student government.

While Pierce sees opposition, proponents like Kathy McCabe, a teacher in the criminal justice program, support Pierce as a continuing addition to the student council.

“I am never disappointed in her dedication and commitment to the COCC students,” said McCabe, quoted on a flyer posted by Pierce.

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