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Student Government: ASCOCC to announce the new Project Coordinator

Tobey Veenstra

The Broadside

The Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College will announce a new Council Member this Friday after the resignation of former Project Coordinator, Joshua Budish.

At the April 23 meeting ASCOCC announced their acceptance of Budish’s resignation, wishing him luck in his future endeavors.

Carl Rockwell, an honorary member of ASCOCC, will be assisting with some of the current projects and temporarily filling in for Student Issues Coordinator Anthony Forrer, who will be taking a couple of weeks off to recover from surgery.

Carl Rockwell will fill in as the Project Coordinator for Joshua Budish, who recently resigned.

“He (Rockwell)’s got a positive attitude,” said Matt Coito, ASCOCC’s Clubs Coordinator. “I think he’s gonna take care of things.”

ASCOCC’s Budget Coordinator Terry Link said Rockwell is currently coordinating the other honorary student government members and hopes he does a good job stepping into Forrer’s role.

“I think he’s a good and active honorary fill-in … I hope he would be good at taking over the [Student Issues],” said Link.

Rockwell was previously employed at the Bulletin and later the Broadside, but said being an honorary member at ASCOCC reminds him most of his days in the Boy Scouts.

“It resembles my experience back in Boy Scouts … where I sat through numerous boring committee planning meetings that would go on for days and days,” said Rockwell “Those were kind of like the meetings they have here.”

Although Rockwell said there is a lot of bureaucracy he will have to get used to, his job in the Student Government has been nice so far and he hopes he can offer more to ASCOCC.

“I would like to bring more to the tables,” said Rockwell. “And I would like to bring a much more vibrant life to the student government.”

Rockwell is also among the applicants for Budish’s position.

He will be assisting with some of the projects ASCOCC has going on, including wrapping up the Soles 4 Souls project and helping with Caring for Troops until ASCOCC is done with the hiring process for the Project Coordinator position.

“At this point I’m not a full-acting member,” said Budish. “I’m applying for it (the Project Coordinator position) to get a more permanent position.”

According to Article IV, Section 6.3 in the ASCOCC constitution, a new Council Member may be appointed by a majority vote of the current Council Members in the event of a vacancy of office.

The applications were accepted up to 4 p.m. on Friday, April 30. Interviews for the position are being held this week.

You may contact Tobey Veenstra at [email protected]

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