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COCC’s Got Talent

Classes, homework tests and finals. . . there has to be more to a student’s
existence. Beyond the classrooms, student clubs and campus itself, Central Oregon Community College students are expressing themselves in the clubs and bars around town, and in the studio. From rock to hip-hop, COCC’s got talent. More than just average students, COCC is home to ambitious, creative and business minded individuals. Individuals who have something to say and they have chosen the medium to make their statement. Music is an outlet to share joy and pain, tragedy and triumph.
Melodies and verse provide these students with ways to amp up a party, make social commentary or become a role
model for a child. Get to know 30 Pack, Scarlitt Fever, and MAINTAIN a few of COCC’s rising stars.

30Pack Photos | Janel Harlan

Scarlitt Fever photos | Raimie Hedman

MAINTAIN photos | Janel Harlan

Back row: CG, Abstrakt Mynds, J-Stats, BlackGoldd, DG
Front row: Dub-Es, Kaneske, Savage Watson

Michelle Ruiz lead singer of Scarlitt Fever

MAINTAIN with singer/poet Stacy Falcis aka Matista


is a hip-hop collective based out of Redmond that came together in 2009.

30Pack includes CG, DJ Abstrakt Mynds, J-Stats, BlackGoldd, DG, Dub-Es, Kaneske, and Savage Watson.

These eight members fuse several different influences from 2Pac to Hank Williams.

“I’ll rap over a country track,” boasted 30Pack member, Savage Watson playfully. “We all have different styles but when we come together, it just works.”

With a mainstream sound that includes catchy hooks and danceable beats “30Pack got the whole club packed,”
sang the fellas. “[We] work hard,” said Derek Glasser aka DG, founding member of the collective. “30Pack was an idea I came up with while at [Central Oregon Community College].”

Glasser and his brother took the idea and started bringing the other members together to create one family of artists. With merchandising, a website, mixtapes ready for download, and CD’s on the way 30Pack is looking to make their mark.
Check out 30Pack at the Domino Room Nov 25 and Dec 23. For more information check out or “like” them on Facebook.

Scarlitt Fever

started in 2010 by Michelle Ruiz, a rock band with a unique message and distinctive sound that is all their own.<

“I don’t do covers,” said Ruiz. “I look at this as a form of art.”

With influences ranging from Tori Amos to Hank Williams, Ruiz says she doesn’t sound like anything she loves.

“All my lyrics are my experiences,” she shared. ”I have to express my emotion.”

With songs that cover topics from domestic violence and molestation to self-hatred and divorce, Ruiz admits fans either love or hate the band.

“Life is my major influence, said Ruiz. “This is about finding truth, it’s about our next generation.”

Ruiz is passionate about her music and determined to share her message. “It’s an experience you can’t understand until you see me live,” says Ruiz about her performances.

Currently working in the studio, Ruiz wants to complete a project and share her sound with the masses.

“I love the studio experience,” says Ruiz who is new to the studio.

Check out or friend Scarlitt Fever on Facebook.


went from preacher’s son to bad boy, and it took a beautiful young girl to turn him back round.
Rasberry, who raises his daughter alone said, “I was losing my mind. How [will I] maintain.”

As a single father without a job, Rasberry channeled his frustration and creativity into music.

”I make every beat in my bedroom,” said Rasberry.

A sound grounded in strong beats and stronger lyrics, Maintain credits Nas, 2Pac, and Tech N9ne as major influences. Musically Maintain enjoys everything from rap to classical music. He has played
piano since he was 10 and he plays the drums.

“I took everything I grew up listening to and combined it to create Maintain,” said Rasberry. “This is my drug of choice, my sanctuary.”

He recently opened for Afroman and Tech N9ne. Maintain is currently in the studio finishing up his debut project. A website on the way, merchandising, a motivated manager and more potential tour dates with Tech N9ne, Maintain has a lot to look forward to.

“Like” Maintain (Musician/Band) on Facebook.

ENTERTAIN Disclaimer:The images on this page are photo illustrations created by The Broadside.

Content provided by Josh Ballou ([email protected]) & Sam Simone ([email protected])

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