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The Broadside student newspaper welcomes students to join the staff

Kirsteen Wolf
The Broadside

The Broadside and I want to welcome back returning students, applaud new students and tip our collective hat to faculty, staff and administration for keeping the campus running, looking ahead and continuing to inspire. All groups here on the campuses are, in one way or another, choosing education.

We have a unique educational opportunity here at the campus newspaper. We strive for high standards in our writing and production and
are committed to the highest standard in ethics but we are also a “learning lab.”

COCC and OSU-Cascades students can walk in the door and get involved without prior newsroom experience. It’s paid work and resume building. The program is funded by student fees; it is here for you to use. Thousands of students have made their mark here at The Broadside and gone on better equipped for the job market.

You are welcome here even if you have never written for a newspaper or taken a photograph. Come write a story, design graphics or work on production. You will walk away with skills that apply to other jobs, not just journalism. Employers like to see that you can work with a deadline. You will start building a resume before you have left school.

The Broadside has won numerous national awards for excellence in the last few years. The newsroom is a challenging environment but the rewards are great. And it’s a fun place to work!

The Broadside is a source of information for our campuses. We investigate, report and editorialize just like any other paper. Broadside has been here at COCC since 1953. We are grateful for all the support we receive. Citizens—whether national, regionally or on our campus—should value a truly free press.

The Broadside also strives to be entertaining. Whether it is an informative profile of your favorite instructor, a movie or music review or our light-hearted humor and satire page, we try to keep you turning pages.

We want to be a resource for students. The Broadside is a place that you can turn to for information, entertainment and job training.

So welcome and welcome back. The year ahead is a bright horizon.

You can contact Kirsteen Wolf at [email protected]

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