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The Student News Site of Central Oregon Community College

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The Student News Site of Central Oregon Community College

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Meet the student government candidates

Brenda Pierce
“I want to run for Student Government and I am a GREAT candidate because I am FAIR in all my decisions, I LISTEN to students and I am NOT afraid to stand up to others and EXPRESS YOUR IDEAS and CONCERNS and use my experience to turn those ideas into realities.”

Catalina Blake
“I am very excited about the opportunity presenting itself and believe this is my chance to give back to the school that is helping me achieve my goals.”

Brandi Jordan
“If given the opportunity to serve on the Student Government I look forward to working with the other members in assessing both the strengths and areas that need improvement; As well as to explore possibilities that will continue to carry the Student government to the next level of effectiveness.”

Chealsey Fischer
“I love this school, and I love getting involved in new things and meeting new people so I think being a part of the student council would be a perfect place for me.”

Casey O’Roark
“COCC is one of the fastest growing community colleges in Oregon, and with such high demand I feel with my experience at this campus and leadership skills I feel that I would be the candidate to take what students are asking for and put forth my best effort to make it a reality.”

Jared Uselman
“I would like to improve upon the ASCOCC council by being the addition that disregards bias and preferential treatment.”

Matt Coito
“I want to be able to advocate for student body needs, find ways to improve the COCC students experience, provide leadership and guidance for my peers, and contribute to the COCC community.”

Maggie Skyler
“My goals would be work directly with students, staff, and outside sources in sponsoring programs via our campus. I feel that I would represent a great number of students on our campus and create a leadership for other students to follow.”

David Mayernik
“I don’t consider myself a politician. I consider myself a statesman. I consider myself to be a potential voice of the community, not of my own agenda or greed.”

Lauren Hamlin
“I make a commitment to use student fees responsibly. I will be an advocate for students and will have a cooperative relationship with the college, ensuring that students will be the highest priority here at COCC.”

Kyder Olsen
“As a result of being a student, working with incoming students, and as a Juniper Hall resident, I am aware of campus challenges, students’ concerns, and the value of student involvement. I am eager to connect with the current student population and identify your goals and concerns.”

Jair Hernandez
(Letter not attached, Redmond candidate, did not receive documents directly, they are in Redmond)

Kelly Wildman-Huskey
“I will help to grow the ASCOCC in a positive light in both the student community and the larger Central Oregon community.”

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