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Pour Habit

Got Your Back


William James
The Broadside

Pour Habit’s latest CD, titled “Got Your Back,” does exactly what a good CD should. After you’re finished listening, it sticks with you. If you’re looking for a new sound, this could be your ticket.Pour Habit deliver an aggressive, unique, 100-mile an hour rendition of reggae, melodic hardcore and punk rock. They formed in 2004, in Compton, California, and within three years they signed with Fat Wreck Chords, a legendary punk label headed by NOFX’s frontman, Michael “Fat Mike” Burkett.

“Got Your Back” is in stores now and is the followup to their 2007 breakthrough album “Suiticide” and comes from an entirely different direction and angle than their first CD. “Got Your Back” features thirteen punishing tracks, with entirely new and much matured lyrics.

It is easy for many folks to write off Pour Habit as just another So-Cal punk clone, trying to be the nextNOFX, Offspring, or Bad Religion. When you pop in “Got Your Back” you’ll find that all comparisons go right out the window.

Crunchy guitars, pulse-pounding drums and Chuck Green’s distinctive, powerful range will send you spinning and leave you trying to catch your breath after the first couple of tracks.

The definite standouts being “Greenery” and “East 69th,” both high energy thrash punk tracks are a testament to how much effort and energy Pour Habit puts into every track they produce.

The intensity of the music ceases just for a brief moment through the middle part of the record, as Green shows his vocal talents with a pair of slower songs.

“Danny’s Song (Head in the Clouds)” and “Party” sound more like the easy reggae and pop sounds you’d hear at the beach, which seems appropriate given the band’s roots.

The reprieve does not last long as they break into a full sprint with “Teens Turned to Fiends” reminding you why you loved this sound in the first place.

Pour Habit could be the shot in the arm that punk music needs. They are going on the road opening for the big guns in punk rock, specifically working with the Australian promoter Chopdog Productions in the latter half of 2011.

Do not be surprised, however, if they quickly find themselves at the top of Fat Wreck Chords’ billing. And, if “Got Your Back” is any evidence, if you don’t listen Pour Habit will grab you by the shirt and make sure you do.

William James can be reached at [email protected]

Pour Habit Discography
• Pour Habit Discography:
• “WTF?!?!?” |(EP, no longer in print)
• “Suiticide” (2007)
• “Suiticide” |(2009, re-released on FatWreck Chords)
• “Got Your Back” |(2011)

Pour Habit Members
• Chuck Green (Vocals)
• Matt Hawkes (Guitar)
• Colin Walsh (Drums)
• Eric Walsh (Guitar, Vocals)
• Steve Williams (Bass, Vocals)

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