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Like totally the sites of the 80’s

Bethany Hargrove
The Broadside

Welcome back to Online with Beth!

This week, I focused on that most excellent decade, the 1980s. And what better way to reminisce about the ‘80s than the Internet?

And what better way to spend your time online than learning about ‘80s fashions, slang and pop culture?

Right now the Internet is practically bursting at the seams with retro appreciation sites, ranging from decade to decade.

However, after sifting through dozens of tacky or awful ‘80s sites, I discovered

By far the best of ‘80s celebration sites, Like Totally ‘80s is up-to-date, organized and totally tubular.

With several new articles every month about everything ‘80s, you can spend hours just browsing and missing times gone by.

Because the archives are right on the front page, the site is easily navigated.

Categories like music, TV, movies and fashion keep the site fun, while the culture category helps remind us of social tensions during this righteous decade.

Unlike other ‘80s sites I found, Like Totally ‘80s isn’t geared specifically toward selling stuff.

Although they do have a category for purchasing ‘80s gear, this site’s contributors seem genuine in their love for this decade and everything
about it.

Naturally, the best part of the site was the Music category. Because I grew up just in the wake of the ‘80s, the music of the decade has always resonated with me.

Thanks to Like Totally ‘80s, I’ve discovered music from this era that I had never heard before.

Another gem in this section of the site is Literal Music Videos, in which various people re-write lyrics to famous music videos to describe what is happening in the video. It’s hilarious.

So, do you love the ‘80s or do you hate them? Do you love this site, or do you have another ‘80s celebration site that you think far utshines it?

Let me know via email!

Bethany Hargrove can be reached at [email protected]
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