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Because it’s always a good time to get your groove on:

A few artists on YouTube worth giving a listen to

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The Broadside

In case you haven’t noticed, I like music.

Despite the multitude of Internet tools for finding new music, I am still enjoying the spacious realm of YouTube for satisfying some of my musical exploration urges.

So I present to you some of the best musicians I’ve found yet on YouTube.



Kurt Schneider and Sam Tsui are the brilliance behind the glorious music created on this channel.
Focusing on covers and videography, Schneider and Tsui are both very talented singers, and in Schneider’s case, multi-instrumentalists.

With covers varying from “Imagine” by John Lennon to “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” by Usher, these guys are forever entertaining.

Other artists in this style: Jake Bruene, Pomplamoose

The Gregory Brothers/Auto-tune The News

As surprising as it may be that they’ve made the list, just think what The Gregory Brothers accomplish
with their auto-tuning.

They take normal talking from random videos or newscasts and tweak them into incredibly catchy and musically sound songs.

Their auto-tune videos often surpass the original videos’ views by the millions simply because their music gets stuck in your head so easily. Not that that’s a bad thing.

The “Double Rainbow“ song (derived from the notorious “Double Rainbow “viral video) never fails to brighten my day.

Other artists in this style: None, that are awesome

Mystery Guitar Man

With over two hundred million uploads for some videos, you know that Joe Penna, The Mystery Guitar Man, is a You-Tube success and it’s no wonder.

He creates complete packages of images and sound, a full array of small, uploaded worlds.

His music is as varied as the images.

In one video you see Polaroid pictures spliced together to make a fanciful scene of helium balloons and gliders accompanied by sweet, melancholy acoustic music, the next you see a brilliant mistaken identity video with action movie music running along behind, or a tune carried by an iPhone and the clicking of Bic lighters.

There’s also a video where he is acting as a conductor with psychedelic lights coming out of his baton and fingers as he directs. It’s brilliant. Well worth getting lost in for a while.


Nick Bertke, known better as Pogo, is a revolutionary in Internet music.

He is credited with bringing to the public a brand new style of music—remixes of ordinary sounds or sounds from movies arranged with incredibly unique beats and flair.

According to his “about me” on, Pogo is currently working on a project to remix sounds from a rich diversity of cultures, an undertaking that he will not partner with a recording company on, so not only is his music refreshing, but so is his attitude.

Other artists this style: Dainumo, D!tto

VEVO channels

If you want to listen to artists who have record labels, artists who you might hear on conventional radio, these are the channels for you.

Featuring hundreds of artists with some awesome music videos (and some not,) VEVO channels will fulfill your needs for some Top 40 (or maybe not.)

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