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Depp vs Heard: Part II: Severed Finger

Image by Miina McCown

Weekly Summary

Week two started off with a witness testimony from Debbie Lloyd, Depp’s certified nurse during rehab. She gave insight into Depp’s mental state during his time in rehab and after. She also recounted details of the Australia incident in March of 2015 as she treated Depp’s finger before he went to the hospital. She confirmed that Depp’s finger injury was not self-inflicted. She also stated that she saw a bruise on Heard’s arm that night. Sean Bett gave witness accounts that he’d witnessed multiple instances with injuries to Depp, followed by evidence, and had seen Heard throw things at Depp. Every witness stated that they’ve never seen physical abuse from either side but had witnessed verbal disputes between the two. Keenan Wyatt, a former employee of Depp stated that the relationship between Heard and Depp started normally but things grew noticeably different between them as time went on. He noted that Depp became quiet and reserved. 

Depp took the stand for the second half of the week. On day six of the trial, Depp went into direct examination in detail of the linear timeline of events being accessed in this case (2014-2016). There we heard about Depp’s drug rehab, multiple accounts of abuse from Heard and evidence of Heard admitting to the abuse. (In addition, the tip of Depp’s right finger was severed following Heard throwing a Large Vodka bottle at Depp’s hand in March of 2015.) The court also discussed how Depp found human faecal matter in his bed left by Heard before she went to Coachella for the week. On day 7, during cross examination, the main subject of interest was evidence of Depp’s text messages to a friend in which he talked about burning Heard’s body and defiling her corpse. 

Week Two

Day 4

Monday, April 18, 2022:

Witnesses: Debbie Lloyd (Depp’s assigned registered nurse who specialises in psychiatric mental health and drug addiction) and Sean Bett (Depp’s security guard) 

Debbie Lloyd 

Debbie Lloyd also recounted her time working with Johnny Depp under Dr. Kipper’s assignment for his drug detox program. The evidence shown to Llyod gave insight into Depp’s mental state as he stated that his trauma led him to have several mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD and bipolar disorder among others, which was a diagnosis from Dr. Kipper. Depp used drug addiction as his coping mechanism. Debbie testified that during her time with Johnny she never witnessed Heard with any injuries on her or any evidence of Depp abusing Heard during his Drug Detox program in the Bahamas. 

However, she did say that they often got into arguments during their time together there, where Heard would instigate an argument and Depp would try to leave but Heard persistently followed him. Llyod recounted multiple instances where Heard would behave in such a manner and became upset when Depp suggested they sign a Prenuptial agreement for divorce. Heard also became a patient of Dr. Kipper’s team and was assigned a nurse of her own. 

Heard’s nurse was mandated to report any abuse on her persons which were accounted to not present. Lloyd went on to testify her account of March 7, 2015, following the events of Depp’s severed finger incident. Nurse Lloyd recounted that Depp’s finger hasn’t been crushed like Heard’s team claimed as self-inflicted, but rather sliced or cut in some manner. She said that the house was in disarray and Heard looked visibly upset with a bruise on her arm but no other injuries. Lloyd did not report any abuse, saying that Depp’s injury may have been from the harm of Heard. 

On December 15, 2015, Heard came in for a physical and the medical report confirmed no documentation of physical injury on Heard’s persons. On the other hand, she did recount an instance after an argument between Heard and Depp, in which Depp punched a wall but not Heard. Other than that, she stated that she did not witness firsthand Heard or Depp have any violence towards one another. 
Sean Bett 

Bett had worked as Depp’s chief security guard for over 20 years and counting. He recounted several times that he has seen injuries on Depp. Bett stated that he never witnessed Heard assault Depp physically other than a time where she threw a water bottle or beverage container at him. He layed out a timeline in which he had seen injuries on Depp following the March 2015 incidents in which he showed evidence of Depp’s face with swelling and bruising on his eye and left cheek, as well scratch marks on his face. Bett recollected on May 21, 2016, where Depp and Bett showed up to collect his belongings from his LA penthouse around 7:15-8 p.m. 

Upon their arrival, there were candles lit, music on and a wine bottle set out, when leaving about 10 minutes later only to hear Amber yelling profanities from one of the penthouses, in which he promptly doubled back to check out the scene but was met with Heard and Depp. Directed at Johnny, Heard yelled “This is the last time you’ll do this to me, Johnny,” which was met with confusion from both Johnny and the security guard. He stated that Heard did not have any swelling or injuries on her, nor did he see any damage to the penthouse of violence from Depp. He noted that Heard’s friends were present at the time and that they left around 8:30 p.m. 

Day 5

Tuesday, April 19, 2022:

Witnesses: Keenan Wyatt (Sound technician in Film industry) and Johnny Depp 

Keenan Wyatt 

Wyatt, a sound technician for major motion films, was brought in to testify to Depp’s work experience before the op-ed published in the Washington Post. He described how Depp was a very hardworking and prepared actor and how Depp and him became good friends over the past 25 years. Wyatt explained that when they would drink together, Depp’s behaviour would never change, even if Johnny was taking any sort of pills at the time. He noted that when Heard and Depp started their relationship, that he would see less of Depp and that he frequently looked tired. Wyatt gave insight into Depp’s personal mannerisms, stating that Depp had a very British and dark sense of humour.   

Johnny Depp 

Depp finally took the witness stand and gave insight to why he filed the legal litigation, which was provided in the opening of the article above. Depp then moved on to reexamine his childhood as previously discussed by his sister, where he described emotional and physical abuse he suffered from his mother. He went on to say how in the beginning, his relationship with Heard was very nice then how it quickly turned. Depp expressed that during these times, he would express his pain with dark humour that was often seen in text messages from Depp in evidence. Depp then went on to testify about his work experience before and the lack of work after the op-ed was published in the Washington Post. 

Day 6

April 20, 2022

Witnesses: Johnny Depp
Depp recalled when he went through drug rehab with Dr. Kippers in the Bahamas in August of 2014. Depp stated that Dr. Kipper, Debbie Lloyd and Amber Heard accompanied him to the Bahamas for his detox program. He described the difficulties of detoxing and how physically painful it was to him. Heard went to the island to help administer Depp detox medication, and she recounted how he begged her for his pills before his administered time to take them and Heard withheld them due to that. They then left the island because Depp felt as if he was not being adequately taken care of due to the denial of his medication. He finished his detox in Los Angeles, California without the company of Heard. He then discussed with Dr. Kippers that he wanted to go off his detox medications as well, because he didn’t want to build a codependency on them.

Depp stated how he proposed to Heard years before the wedding took place in August of 2015 and they remained engaged for a long while. He stated how there were various drugs at the wedding which he only participated in smoking marijuana, but Mrs. Heard and her friends did partake in other substances (mainly MDMA). He states how they had a decent sized wedding, of around 20-30 people, among friends and family. His son attended the wedding, but his daughter Lily Rose did not since Heard and her were not on good terms.
The trial then followed the timeline to discuss the events in March 2015 in Australia. Depp states how the incidents of abuse took place following a discussion of signing a prenuptial agreement. Depp stated that Heard disapproved of this and began to verbally abuse him, to which he tried to leave the situation multiple times. But when trying to distance himself from Heard, every attempt he made would lead to her following him from room to room.
In the kitchen of their home, Depp stated that Heard picked up a vodka bottle and threw it at his head, missing and hitting the wall. Depp said at this point he took several shots from a nearby bottle for the first time after his sobriety. At this time Heard then proceeded to pick up another larger bottle of Vodka and throw it at his hand, causing the bottle to shatter and sever the tip of Depp’s right middle finger, then put a cigarette out on his face. Depp then started writing lies he’s caught Heard in on the wall with his own blood. He stated that during his examination of his finger he lied to the doctor about how his finger was severed in hopes to protect Heard from any trouble. Depp then went through the process that it took for his finger to get reattached in which he mentioned had complications in which he could not take opiates to ease the pain due to his prior history with substance abuse.

Depp then went into more detail regarding the abuse he experienced on part of Heard, including multiple accounts of violence from her in the LA penthouse, in which she punched and threw things at Depp. Then this audio recording was played to the court in which Amber discloses that she did assault Depp:

On April 22, 2016, we heard Depp talking about how he was coming back from a meeting and arrived late to Heards’ 30th birthday party. Heard was upset at his tardiness even though Depp had communicated to her that he would be arriving late. After the party, Depp stated how Heard started to physically abuse Depp, then the following day went to Coachella with her friends. Following Heard’s departure, their housekeeper later sent Depp a photo of human faecal matter on their shared bed, which Heard left on Depp’s side of the bed for missing her birthday.

The following month on May 20, 2016, Depp’s mother had died, and he decided to leave Heard the next day and went to pick up his belongings from their shared penthouse. Depp stated that Heard tried blaming the faecal matter on their two 4-pound yorkie puppies, in which Depp later overheard her and their friend laughing about the matter via telephone confirming how the faecal matter was hers. 

At this moment Heard’s friend came in shouting to leave Heard alone, and she started to yell at Depp to stop hitting her. Depp said that he was about 20 feet away from both Heard and her friend, when Depp’s security guard came in and Heard looked surprised,shouting at Depp, “This is the last time you’ll do this to me, Johnny.” Depp and his security guard then left the building that night. Two days later on May 23, 2016, Heard had filed for divorce and then a restraining order on May 27, 2016.

Day 7

April 21, 2022

Witnesses: Johnny Depp
On day seven, Depp took the stand on cross examination from Heard’s legal team. Heard’s legal team tried to highlight the drugs that Johnny had taken and how his behaviour from those drugs could have impacted his demeanour. Then his cross examination further accessed the history of Depp’s childhood, of how Depp’s father would also verbally abuse him and often take his frustrations out on surrounding objects, or an instance when Depp was punched by his father. This was alluding to the fact that Depp may have learned abusive behaviours from his parents growing up. He then gave evidence of Depp’s text messages in which he demeaned Heard to his friends, where he spoke about burning Heard and defiling her corpse.
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Along with various other audio and text evidence between Heard and Depp arguing: Home Page (

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