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The Student Government is back at COCC

Starting April 4, anyone can apply and vote for three elected legislative positions: President, Director of Legislative Affairs, and Director of Student Affairs. The president will be in charge of delegation and leadership. They will also be paid $840 a month with only a 15-hour weekly commitment. 

The Director of Student Affairs and the Director of Legislative Affairs will make $672 per month with 12 hours of weekly duties. The Director of Student Affairs advocates for students and works closely with the college’s clubs. While the Director of Legislative Affairs also supports students, they will also be overseeing the voting process. Students at Central Oregon Community College will be able to vote for the person they want in office.

After the student government is decided on, they will choose four more people for different positions, all of whom need to apply for the job. Those are to be in charge of campus affairs, internal affairs, Wickiup Hall, and the office coordinator.

Students can visit to view or apply for any of the positions. Applications will require a reference letter from the college’s faculty staff and will be due on May 5th at 5 pm. For more information, visit, or contact Lindsay Buccafuri, Assistant Director of Student Life, at



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