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An Aerial Cinematic of COCC’s Bend Campus

Marvin Walder/The Broadside

COCC’s Bend campus covers a significant portion of the southwest corner of Awbrey Butte, with buildings dispersed on many levels of the hillside. The campus has a surprising amount of verticality, and there are many connecting paths and hidden areas around the campus that can be obscured by trees or the surrounding landscape. This time of year is especially great for exploring the campus due to the flourishing plants and the lack of summer heat and dust. The decision for COCC to remain closed for the summer is likely a disappointment for many, but for those who want a head start on exploring the campus, here’s a video that should help with just that.

Here’s a link to the COCC Bend campus map for help with identifying certain buildings or areas.

Photo by Marvin Walder


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