Local Safety

Graphic by Spencer Light | The Broadside (Contact: slight@cocc.edu)

By Nolan Wironen | The Broadside (Contact: nwironen@cocc.edu)

Campus Public Safety is unfortunately not very publicly known by the student body at Central Oregon Community College. The students who do know more of CPS tend to have varying opinions, however. Regardless of your opinion it’s good to know our local campus safety officers.

Stephen Craig, CPS officer of two years, is an interim supervising officer. Craig supervises and mentors the officers who are on duty, reads and reviews their incident reports and makes sure that he’s doing what he can to ensure their success.


Additionally, “[CPS officers] are entrusted with the safety of all COCC students, staff, visitors, and property.  We are responsible for locking and unlocking classrooms and buildings as well as documenting any unsafe conditions on all four COCC campuses,” Craig explained.

When a crime does occur, which is a rare occasion according to Craig, officers are required by law to conduct a complete and comprehensive investigation.


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