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Uncertain funding for Oregon Promise

For many recent high school graduates, free college was a dream come true. With the option of the Oregon Promise, many students were able to have tuition support for the 2016-17 academic year.

Recently, it was announced that the funding for the fall 2017 is still uncertain. The Oregon Student Assistance Commission (provided) an overview of OP at a statewide level.

Though there are many things that still need to be addressed, the Central Oregon Community College Board of Directors provided directions and questions on the future of the policy:



“-Confusion regarding the requirement that students enroll in a community college within six months of graduating from high school or receiving a GED

-Oregon Promise is not available for summer term

-Students may skip a term within an academic year and be eligible for the grant the following term within the same academic year. However, a student is not eligible for a renewal grant if they do not maintain continuous enrollment at six or more credits the prior year

-Confusion regarding the co-pay requirement and how this is administered”


The OP was first created for fall 2016. Students who were eligible were provided with $373,439 fall term and $314,513 winter term.

“While the legislature is still working through details for next year, we are hopeful that this much needed source of financial assistance continues,” said Dean of Students and Enrollment Services Alicia Moore in a recent email about the state of the OP.


All information adapted from Central Oregon Community College  Board of Directors: Information Item


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