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Editorial: Broadside seeking student reporters

Whether you are looking to jump-start your career in journalism, or just gain some experience in the field, The Broadside is the place for you. With positions right on campus, students can build their portfolio while earning a paycheck.

The Broadside students are able to explore the field of journalism, communication, public relations, design, and photography. With no experience necessary, students can use the publication to grow in whatever field that suits them.

The Broadside allows students to build their portfolio through the year, while covering a variety of campus events and news. Without a concrete journalism program for students, The Broadside is the first step to a student journalist’s career at both Central Oregon Community College and Oregon State University – Cascades. Even if you are not a journalism or communications student, you can still use The Broadside to gain an array of skills that can be applied to most any career.

As we look forward into the next academic year, we hope to fill each editorial position that will be available by the start of the next school year. These positions will include Editor-in-Chief, Assistant Editor, Multimedia Editor, Copy Editors, and Graphic Editor positions. This Spring, we are looking for photographers, graphic designers, and writers. Those positions can quickly turn into editorial positions by Fall of 2017. Starting this week, you can go online and apply for the positions of your preference.

We have weekly meetings Monday and Wednesday at 2:30pm. If you’re interesting in learning more about The Broadside, stop by the newsroom and fill out a job application, or send us an email at


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