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New Bylaws for ASCOCC

New bylaws have been forged for the ASCOCC Student Government.

Connor Westover, ASCOCC President, stated, “With these new bylaws we can now help more students and do it more effectively.”

The new changes allow the Student Government to create 14 new governing committee positions. Each position is for the purpose of helping students.

The changes will affect students the most. The ASCOCC staff has the power to help make decisions: for example, the president can now vote on decisions.

“Getting people involved and raise awareness that the student government is there to help,” Westover said.

Now that there are new bylaws, the student government is able to try to start tackling issues and key student concerns such as waste and compost problems, student stability, and student hunger.

Mark Fierro, branch organizer and recipient of one of the 14 new positions, said, “The government is more like a team now.”

Fierro helps student with their concerns and provides them an opportunity to be heard. He works in the Vote OR Vote campaign, spreading awareness with emails, posters and interacting with students in person.

Regarding the new bylaws, there are changes that many students should know.

Section 2 article 2 states, “The Council will work together to establish annual priorities by which the Council will focus its resource.”

Knowing this means that students have the power to make the college better for everyone.


Gabe Medina | The Broadside




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