The Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College (ASCOCC), in many ways, is similar to a club. It is an opportunity and an outlet for students to follow an interest outside of the classroom. Participation is voluntary; however, unlike other school clubs, participants are elected or hired.

For the 2015/2016 school year, ASCOCC has a $187,117 operating budget plus $81,003 in rollover from the 2014/2015 budget. That money comes from the $1.50 per credit student fee on a tuition bill. ASCOCC uses this money to provide funding for student clubs and to host student events.

Applications to start a club are located in the ASCOCC office in the Coats Campus Center. Four students and an advisor are required to submit an application for a club. If accepted, the club is eligible for funding.

During the first week of Winter Term, students had the opportunity to attend a club fair in Wille Hall in the Coats Campus Center. Burritos from Longboard Louie’s were provided to students who visited three or more booths. This courtesy is a direct result of student fees.

“We need to get out there and not have students have to come to us,” Student Events Coordinator Kaylin Landry said.

Regardless, a stop inside of the ASCOCC office is welcomed and encouraged.

ASCOCC Treasurer Priscilla White said, “We would like to see more students to stop in the office.”

“I got involved in the ASCOCC to be more involved in the community I am in,” White said.

This term, ASCOCC plans to hire a Director of Public Relations. That person will be tasked with updating social media and helping to get more students involved and aware of the goings on of ASCOCC.

In the ASCOCC office, they offer free coffee for students. Stopping in for a coffee and a chat is welcomed and encouraged.


Jack Ewing | The Broadside



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