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Campus Safety engages with COCC community

Community-oriented policing. Those three words are the primary method campus safety is currently employing to raise awareness of campus safety on Central Oregon Community College’s campuses, according to Campus Public Safety officer, Don Doughty.
On March 10, Campus Public Safety hosted their first “safety prevention” at the Redmond Campus. CPS officers had been discussing safety prevention events for quite some time and decided to start by offering them at the branch campuses, according to Doughty. The Redmond event was Popcorn with CPS and gave students, faculty and staff on the Redmond campus the opportunity to meet the CPS officers that patrol the Redmond campus while enjoying free popcorn.
The first goal of that event was to emphasize that the branch campus does have a CPS assigned to it, according to Lance Woodward, COCC CPS officer.
According to Woodward, developing a relationship with the student body is one way to get crime on campus to decrease.
“The students and faculty interact with us, and I really enjoy that interaction,” Woodward said.

Karl Dinkel | The Broadside
(Contact: kdinkel@cocc.edu)



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