No Noise From COCC Radio


Due to a paperwork delay plans for an on-campus radio station have been halted.

“Right now we are waiting on a paperwork delay to be resolved so we can be given administrative approval,” said Jon Bouknight, Central Oregon Community College speech professor and advisor to the COCC Media Arts club.

Central Oregon Community College received a construction permit for the low power FM radio station March of last year.

Since that time, Bouknight and students of the Media Arts club have been looking for space to operate a radio station on the Bend campus. They have also been largely focused fundraising the nearly $20,000 required for start-up equipment, according to Bouknight.

One of the delays in getting approval from administration is due to lack of information regarding what the Media Arts club plans to do with the radio station, according to club president and COCC student, Junnelle Hogen.

Bouknight and Hogen hope to resolve the issue in a timely manner as the construction permit deadline for the radio station approaches in spring 2015.

“What [Bouknight] and I are looking at is putting a packet together and presenting that to the [COCC] board,” Hogen said. “That is the increase in work that has set us back in our plan.”

After presenting the packet to the board, Bouknight plans to resubmit a proposal for approval to move ahead with the project.
“Right now it is kind of a hold and wait type of situation that should easily be resolved,” Bouknight said.

Both Bouknight and Hogen believe the radio station will add to current student retention efforts.
“I think it is good to have more students on campus because that way you become more connected with the student life aspect,” Hogen said. “A radio station is very much part of student life and I think that something to look forward to.”

The radio station will be run out of a COCC academic department due to Federal Communications Commission regulations. As part of that, Bouknight has begun planning curriculum for radio-specific courses and internship credit for students who participate.

For more updates on the COCC media club and how to get involved, contact Jon Bouknight at


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