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Snow swarms campus

Heavy snowfall led to campus closures during the week of Nov. 17.

With the recent closures, college officials are urging students to practice safe driving techniques for hazardous weather conditions.

There are specific precautions needed for driving in winter weather, according to automotive instructor, Bill Hosier.

“Drive like you’ve got an eggshell between your gas pedal and brake pedal; in other words, be very soft on both of them,” Hosier said. “When driving, leave extra distance between you and the person you’re following. When you pull out of traffic make sure you have enough room to merge safely. Use snow chains; it’s a good precaution along with snow tires.”

The “worst” mistakes in winter driving come from lack of preparation, according to Ken Mays, the Automotive Program Director at COCC.

“The worst mistake is not being prepared; not having the right tires, no-good battery, and delaying to repair things they meant to all summer long,” Mays said. “The number one thing in my opinion, is proper tires. You may not be able to get into a tire place because so many people waited until the last minute.”

Mays added it is important for students to prepare their cars for winter, with a set list of policies; check tire quality (studs are best for this climate), renew antifreeze (so it protects the engine at -30 degrees Fahrenheit), check the car battery, along with the fuel, lights, exhaust system, along with keeping a survival kit in the car, such as food, blankets, and a flashlight.

Tanner Scheibner | The Broadside



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