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From A War-Zone To The Classroom

Brett Adams credits the military for his success in college.

Adams, former Air force soldier specializing in television and radio broadcasting enlisted at the age of 21 and served a tour of four years before exiting the armed forces.

“I was in school for two years before joining, and I was struggling. I ultimately didn’t want to stay in an environment where I kept putting myself in bad situations,” Adams said, “situations where I couldn’t succeed. I needed an overhaul on my focus.”

Joining the airforce helped him become focus and get his priorities straight, along with instilling a sense of getting things done that has translated into the classroom, according to Adams.

“When everyday is pretty much set up and you have an agenda for the day, it makes what you do need to get done simple and presentable,” Adams said.

Aside from giving Adams more direction and focus, the military also assisted with the financial aspect of his goal of becoming a teacher and a football coach.

“I paid for one semester at the University of Idaho and I just paid that off, four to five years later,” Adams said, “I knew of the benefits of the G.I. bill and knowing that they’ll pay up to 40k a year to any college … all that also seemed pretty worth it.”

Campus veterans center offers support

One of Adams’ goals on campus is to expand the veterans center as a valuable resource for student veterans.

“I moved [to Bend] without knowing too many people, but I started to befriend other veterans.”said Adams, “there are plenty of resources here on campus and plenty of people willing to talk and listen … but you can also talk to other veterans that know what its like.”

Adams believes the newly re-established Veterans Center, located in the COCC Bend Campus Center Building, helps to create a sense of community with student veterans at the college.

“As Veterans, it’s important to remember that yes, we’ve had a lot of experiences that most people would never have in their life,” Adams said. “Be understanding with the people who have never served and if you get frustrated come to the Veteran Center, find a fellow veteran and just talk about it.”


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