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Here’s the beef: Is Sodexo’s cafeteria burger better bigger?

Sodexo's new quarter pounder. Photo by Jeremy Pierce The Broadside.
Sodexo’s new quarter pounder. Photo by Jeremy Pierce The Broadside.

Sodexo is now serving a bigger burger. Central Oregon Community College’s cafeteria began serving larger burger patties on Feb. 11, according to Herb Baker, Food Services director.
In past years, burgers were made with five patties to every one pound of meat, said Baker. But now Sodexo is offering patties at a four-to-one ratio with a 20-cent price hike for students who aren’t residents of Juniper Hall.
Aaron Fennell
The Broadside
“The burgers are costing us 22 cents more to make,” said Baker, “but we’re only passing 20 cents of the cost on to the students.”
Residence hall students on a meal plan, however, are unaffected by the price change.
“There’s been a great response from the residence hall students,” Baker said. “They can get anything without a barcode for one price. They are getting a bigger burger for the same price as before.”
So far, there haven’t been any submitted written comments about the new burger, Baker said.
“I’d give it four out of five stars,” said freshman Chelsey Million, a resident of Juniper Hall.
Despite the fact that costs are higher for Sodexo, Baker still wants to look out for students.
“Since Jan. 1 of this year our food costs have gone up 5%, so I needed to find out a way to still be able to turn a profit,” said Baker. “We are actually losing money from this new patty deal because I didn’t want to raise prices too high.”
Baker believes that the change will, in the end, be more efficient and in the best interest of students.
“Since the new patties are so much bigger you see a lot of people who don’t have to order two burgers or order a double burger to get their fill,” said Baker. “It’s a change that works out better for customers of Sodexo.”



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