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Latino club to host night of food and dance

Noah Hughes
The Broadside

In order to raise awareness about the diversity of Latin culture, the Latino Club is planning a night of food and dance.  This event was one of the items on the table at a recent meeting of the Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College.
“The purpose is to bring a dance instructor in to teach about other Latin countries,” said Gabriela Hernandez, Latino Club President about the upcoming event.
About one-third of the cost for the event was requested from the ASCOCC by the Latin Club with the rest of the cost for the event to come from donations.  The Dance Festival is planned for Willie Hall on March 9 and 10 and it will include dancing and a variety of ethnic foods.  ASCOCC voted to grant $400 for the event.
Hoping to raise funds for the Bend Honor Guard, the Criminal Justice Club requested $538.68 front money to go toward a t-shirt sale.  The initial payment they receive from ASCOCC would be covered first; additional profits would go to the charity.

Another item addressed was an issue about Madras students who belong to clubs and wish to attend events and meetings.  Since transportation is an issue for many of these students, they are forming a Cultural Enrichment Club on the Madras campus. The purpose for this club is for them to have a group to gather with and hold meetings and plan events. Members from a variety of existing clubs are joining, including the Native American, Latino and even the Criminal Justice Club.
“They’re just an all-inclusive club up there supporting their own campus and community,” said Kelly Husky, branch campus coordinator.




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