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The perspectives of stay-at-home orders

(Jack Peeples/The Broadside)

By Jack Peeples/The Broadside

The stay at home orders put in place by Oregon governor Kate Brown have sparked some controversy.  Many people who are staying home because of COVID-19 want to stop the spread of the disease in Oregon.  Other people may see it as a disruption of their daily habits.  Many feel the itch to experience the outdoors as they did before the stay-at-home order.  Being outside can be unsafe.  However, it can also be accomplished and fulfilling as long as cautious decisions are being made.

Students who are outside a lot of the time are not confined to one area.  Students that want to get out in the world may find the idea of remaining in a house or apartment all day unhealthy.  It’s understandable if some people don’t want to stay in the same place for the remainder of spring, and summer.

“The stay at home orders were needed initially, but long term, [Oregon] should ease restrictions so others have more freedom,” says COCC student Eric Fykerud.

Some students, including Fykerud, are not exactly following the stay-at-home orders.  Those students might put the state and students who follow the in self-isolation or quarantine rules at a higher risk.  Outside activities are considered safe during the pandemic as long as proper precautions are taken seriously.  These precautions include wearing a face mask, washing hands, and remaining 6 feet away from people in the community who might also be outdoors.

Students who are inside during the pandemic are usually more aware of the dangers that COVID-19 presents worldwide.  These students have found that productive activities can be done entirely from home.  However, some students who obey the orders to stay inside have the same desire to be outside.  In other words, these students are just waiting out the storm.

“People should stay at home because it is in the best interest of public health,” says COCC student Leah Ny.

Students that have a similar mindset to Leah understand the true purpose of the stay at home orders.  People that are at home following the orders during the time of the coronavirus are usually not attempting to create more conflict in the world.

There are some people in the Deschutes County that want an end to the stay at home orders once and for all.  An example is the protests held in Redmond, Oregon.  On April 17, a few citizens of Redmond gathered around City Hall to protest against the stay-at-home orders.  These types of events are not just happening in Redmond, but all over the United States.  Eventually, it may become a crime to be involved in one of these rallies, but for now it’s hard to say.

In this time of a global pandemic, it is hard to fully comprehend the gravity of the situation and the importance of the rules being put in place.  It is the job of the citizens to follow the new laws, while also being able to get fresh air.  It seems a simple balance between both sides is the best option, as long as safety precautions such as social distancing are utilized.

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