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A careful study: Places to study around Central Oregon Community College

Student Ray Mie Clark is studying in the Fireside room, located in Grand View Hall, Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019. (For The Broadside/Luke Reynolds)

By Luke Reynolds/For The Broadside

High above most of the Central Oregon Community College campus is the Grand View Fireside room, a cozy corner a bit distant from the rest.

In the middle is a large fireplace, with its warmth radiating throughout the room. A grand piano sits on the left of it, free for anyone to play (as long as they aren’t disturbing the peace).

All the essentials for a college student are here — comfortable seating, reliable printing and most importantly, a microwave. Grand View is one of the many places on the COCC campus that provide a unique location to study at, with different services for everyone.

“Environment is a huge part” said Karthik Vijay, 19, when asked about what was important to him when he studies.

“I like to find a really good quiet place to study,” he said.

The Barber Library

The Barber Library is another option for students looking to concentrate on their work.

While it is a popular destination, it is very easy to find a nook or cranny secluded from everyone else to settle down and work. Even in the more populated areas, the Barber Library has a low level of volume that makes concentration a bit easier. The Barber Library is also great for group studying, as it has private study rooms. This location is complimented by the Tutoring Center downstairs.

The Science Center

For those looking for a more serene studying experience, the Science Center may be the place to go. Providing a more casual environment for conversation and communication, the Science Center boasts a beautiful view of the Cascades with its wide windows and open space. Like the Barber Library, the Science Center also has private group study rooms. These spaces have whiteboards where students can write on, perfect for collaborating ideas with others.

Wickiup Hall 

Students who live on campus have a few exclusive places to study.

“There are 10 study rooms in the residence hall and I see residents utilizing those rooms often,” said Melissa Merryman, the Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life at COCC.

“Community Assistants will open the hall’s conference room around mid-terms and finals for late night study sessions,” she said. The conference room is a popular place to study around these times of the term, with up to 20-30 residents that rotate in and out of it.

Pioneer Hall and the Boyle Education Center 

In terms of technical help, Pioneer Hall and the Boyle Education Center provide a large number of resources in a small space. Both of these locations have access to computers, headphones, ethernet, printing services and technical support. Pioneer in particular is situated right next to many instructor offices, useful for asking questions and getting support.

Boyle Education Center on the other hand, has one of the few coffee dispensing machines on campus.

Coats Campus Center

If food is on the mind, the Coats Campus Center is another location to study in.

“The Coats Campus Center is convenient and quiet,” said Madison Caldwell, 19, when asked what she liked most about it.

While not the most secluded place on campus, the Coats Campus Center offers a large and open space allowing for more carefree conversation. Not only does it have a cafeteria, but also has two shops as well. On the upper floor sits the campus coffee shop, and on the lower floor is the campus store. The campus store sells a variety of food not found anywhere else on campus and is perfect to stock up on snacks and meals for longer study sessions.

No matter where one decides to study, the campus has many options available. From Grand View, to the Barber Library and the Coats Campus Center, each provides specific services to cater to one student or another.

Luke Reynolds is a student at Central Oregon Community College. Reach him at This story was produced as part of Publications Lab, a COCC course, and not by staff of The Broadside, an independent, student-run news organization located on the COCC campus. 

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