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Brayan’s How To Guide For Everything: Dazed and Confused

Brayans How To Guide For Everything: Dazed and Confused

Guys are often not the smartest beings to walk the face of the earth. Like any other human we forget things.  This can seem trivial until you are in a relationship and thus required to keep track of special days.

In the last column we discussed celebrating Valentine’s Day as a single. However, there are many fellas out there that are in a serious relationship and others who, if I may quote Queen Bey herself, have “put a ring on it.”

Because guys tend to forget important details like birthdays and anniversaries, I have compiled a list of tricks that will help you avoid those awkward moments when she got you something and you have nothing but a lint bunny in your pocket to give her.


  1. Think smart and pre-set: Pre-set important days on your phone calendar so you have a head start.  In a nice, nonchalant way get your significant other to tell you what is important and quickly save them. You’ll be a hero.
  2. Take acting classes: COCC offers some affordable acting classes. It’s a safe backup in case the special evening came as a surprise to you. With an acting background you’ll be able to give an academy award winning performance.
  3. Make them remember for you: Most people can’t keep a secret, so if you get your significant other to start rambling chances are they will spill the beans on the upcoming anniversary and you will save yourself a weekend in the dog house.
  4. Have a plan B: If the special evening is already upon you, always have a plan B that can be acted on at a moment’s notice. Simple things like a quick reservation at a restaurant or a trip to the movies to view a film should be sufficient.
  5. Forethought:  Always have pre-brought and pre-wrapped gifts hidden somewhere only a guy would know to look for them. Places like a tool box, under the hood, or the hidden compartment of the car where the spare tired is kept are perfect hiding spots. This way you will always have a gift at hand even if you have no idea what you are celebrating.


The biggest takeaway from this week’s column is to think ahead and use resources that are available for you. Above all remember to Treat Yo Self!


Now, for the fourth entry in the series of Guy-code and Girl-code, The guide to Today’s Young People:


#4 Women who claim they “Love to watch sports” must be treated with skepticism until they demonstrate knowledge of the game by answering random sports questions. If proven knowledgeable they must demonstrate that they know not because they love playing sports with hot sweaty women but because of a true love for the game. #GUYCODE

#4 There will be a time when you want to stay just a bit longer because you want to talk to a cute guy all night. However, you don’t want to stay alone make sure you have a friend to stay with you. Be sure to return the favor when your friend finds herself in such a situation. #GIRLCODE
Now fellow Bobcats, if you have any suggestions for the next issue of Students How to guide for everything, Or if you have any tips please send me an email.


Brayan Gonzalez | The Broadside

(Contact: [email protected])


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