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Brayan’s How To Guide For Everything: My Bloody Valentine

Brayans How To Guide For Everything: My Bloody Valentine

With Valentine’s day around the corner, many are preparing for what can potentially be a wonderful evening, expectations are through the roof and reservations are filling up fast. However, if your single, like myself, Valentine’s day is just another day that highly emphasizes how very much single you really are.  If you read last week’s column, you already have a grip on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to first dates and dating for the first time.

Now, Lets look at the flip side and venture down the girlfriend-less or boyfriend-less side of dating.

When Valentines Day’s comes and you find yourself hanging out all by your lonesome. Look at the next ideas below to make the day a memorable, even if things are grim and your single.


  1. Analyze: Realize the money and emotional scarring you’re saving yourself.  Yes, being single is harsh.  But you know what’s harsher than that? Eviction.  And that can happen if you spend all the money you have one single night just to make it special. Especially in college.  In the long run you’ll be thankful you were responsible.
  2. Celebrate: Get together with other single girlfriends or have a barbeque and invite your buddies.  Having a small get together is a great way to not be alone.  Plus, meeting new people is a good thing, you can potentially be meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right not Mrs. Right now.
  3. Substitute: You don’t need a relationship to define who you are. Do something nice for others and be the bigger person.  If you have a furry, four-legged friend do something with them like a special outing, im sure they will appreciate it.
  4. Ignore it:  When everything else seems to fail, there is always the option of treating the day like any other day and ignoring anything and everything that has to do with Valentine’s day. It might be hard, but with hard work its possible.
  5. Treat Yo Self!: As previously mentioned, you don’t need anyone to be happy.  Plan a pampering day for yourself and give yourself the lovin that you deserve or even splurge on something nice. You deserve it.


Being single on Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be depressing.  As cliche as this might sound remember that the best things in life are the ones worth waiting for. So go out with your head held high and know that at the end of the day 50 percent of marriages end in divorce something that easily correlates to relationships.


Above all: TREAT YO SELF!


Now, for the third entry in the series of Guy-code and Girl-code, The guide to today’s young people:


#3 Before dating a “true friend’s” ex you are required to ask his permission to do so. If he is fine with this, then it was meant to be. If he denies it and you proceed anyway, be prepared to be shunned by your social circle and outcast-ed or punish as friends sees fit.  #GUYCODE

#3 If your friend had a bad break up, or things went south unexpectedly, let her have her moment.  A night where she gets to cut loose a bit. So go out, put on your party dress, slide into your glittery heels and get ready to drop it like it’s hot with her all night long. #GIRLCODE
Now fellow bobcats, if you have any suggestions for the next issue of Students How to guide for everything, If you have any tips please send me an email.


Brayan Gonzalez | The Broadside

(Contact: [email protected])


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