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Brayan’s How To Guide For Everything: Back to the future….Or Blast from the past?


I want to introduce the guide that will make your life easy and will help you with everything from student life to personal life. From classroom to guycode to girlcode and everything in between.

Every year at the dawn of Jan. 1, most people wake up to the start of a not only a new day, but a whole new year. All the regrets over poor decisions taken simply vanish as if someone hit a cosmic reset button.

Some however, will take the chance and do other regrettable things almost immediately.  While many will surely partake in a tradition that’s been in place for decades. A New Year’s resolution. but sadly while in the attempt many will fail.  But why is that? Why is it that we (myself included) start something and never finish it? Is it hardwire in our DNA? Or is that what our society has come down to?

Each year we make a promise of quitting this, ending that, or losing this and achieving that.  But if we were to take a poll of people who made a resolution last year we would come to find out that most of them didn’t finish or accomplish it.

The following is a list of easy to follow tips that one can utilize to achieve the oh so elusive new years resolutions that plague us all.


New years can be both a time to celebrate and a time to inaugurate the new you. So when starting your new years resolution follow the steps below and you too can achieve your goals no matter how big or small those may be.


  1. Go small, not big: A big mistake a lot of people make is thinking big.  If you start your resolution with a nearly unattainable goal, you’re already doomed for failure.  Set small achievable steps and build up to something bigger.
  2. Two is a crowd, Three’s a Party!: Motivation plays a big factor when it comes to goals.  Don’t do it alone! find a friend that has a similar goal as yours and help each other out when the other is about to fall of the wagon. Whether it is losing weight, quitting smoking or quitting your ex that you keep going back to, having a friend to get you through the rut is a good way to go.
  3. Don’t be ridiculous and keep it real!: Don’t go into it with such high expectations that anything less will be unacceptable. You are not going to lose a whole pound in one single workout, and you are not gonna crush craving in one day
  4. Celebrate the little victories: When motivation and continuance aren’t a factor and you achieve a small goal….celebrate it! Do something special and TREAT YO SELF! it can be anything you want but as long as it does not interfere with your ultimate goal. (so no drunk dialing the ex or binging on a whole cheesecake)
  5. Reach it and keep it:  Once you’ve reach your goal go out with a bag (metaphorically of course) celebrate that you have reach the milestone and like it was stated in the previous tip: TREAT YO SELF! you deserve it, but don’t forget that is easy to go back to the previous position, so take steps to ensure that even if you tired black you won’t go back.


Now, for the first in the series of the 10 commandments of guy-code and the first in the series for girl code, the guide young people life by:


#1: You are required by Guy Code to honor your “true friends” above and beyond anything having to do with monetary value and even coitus. A “true friend” is someone who you can never betray or put your own interests first. #guycode


#1: Its okay to be with other people that do the same thing as you and bond with them.  That way you know you’re not a complete weirdo.  #girlcode


Now fellow bobcats, if you have any suggestions for the next issue of Students How to guide for everything, or if you have any tips please send me an email.


Brayan Gonzalez | The Broadside

(contact: [email protected])

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