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Preparing for Moving Out – Student versus private housing

A good price isn’t the only thing you should look for in housing.

The process of choosing a place to live in college is a very individual process, according to Paul Wheeler, housing coordinator at Juniper Hall at Central Oregon Community College.

Some of the things students should consider are accessibility, ease of commute, as well as affordability.

“I always promote living on campus for those going to school,” Wheeler said.

Cost of convenience

Students must also consider the “cost of convenience,” which includes meals plans, insurance and other items, according to Wheeler.

The cost of convenience associated with the residence hall includes the responsibilities students would otherwise have to consider in an environment that does not provide the amenities of a dorm setting.

For incoming freshman, the residence hall can assist with transitioning because it offers students independence with some management and supervision from resident assistants, according to Wheeler.

The building also offers a high level of security. The doors are locked 24/7, but students have keys that give them access to the building. Residents Assistants uphold the security of the building, and also have access to Campus Security. The RAs also give the students advice regarding security.

When considering living on or off campus, it is good to consider who your neighbors will be, according to Megan Bernard, Juniper Hall Residence Director.

Ideally students should make sure landlords are trustworthy and reliable.

Another aspect is the contract between the renter and landlord. It is important that renters read and analyze the contract; especially the fine print.

“If you break the contract you may be required to pay something,” Bernard said, “there’s always fees that come along with an apartment.”

Preparation is of great value before moving out, and relieves much unnecessary stress of the students and parents.

“I feel like I get a lot of people asking in the summer about moving out, but I recommend preparing for moving out in the spring,” Bernard said. “It is important to make sure students have a spot in the dorm.”

Commuting may be of more significance than it seems, because apartments 15 minutes away from the dorms may be considerably cheaper than apartment next to the college campus. For this reason that residence hall provides more convenient commuting, and it also doesn’t require students to consider parking.

“The Residence Hall makes things so much easier,” Bernard said, “it’s a one-time payment and contract, there’s more resources on campus, and the residence hall staff are always involved in the living process.”

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