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Top 5 costumes to avoid

Illustration by Noah Hughes | The Broadside

Top 5 Halloween Costumes to Avoid

Costumes of many shapes and sizes will creep throughout the streets this Halloween season. But beware, there are some costumes that don’t provide the kind of scare you’re looking for. Make sure you aren’t caught in any of these ghoulish get-ups.

1. “Sexy” costumes

    -Though it may be fun to put an adult twist on a childhood tradition, sexy costumes are not always the best choice. Seeing most sexy costumes lack material and Halloweens in Central Oregon are notorious for threatening snow, it is best to keep the lingerie in the closet and pair a nice turtle neck with those animal ears.

2. Reality star costumes

    -When students are strapped for time and need to find a good costume that doesn’t break the bank, it is easy to turn to television for inspiration, specifically reality television. Although it may seem like a funny idea to go as Honey Boo-Boo when they’re throwing their costume together in the privacy of their own bedroom, it may not feel like a masterpiece when a student walks around town and find seven other Honey Boo-Boos strutting their stuff down the street. Our suggestion? Go with a funny spokesperson from a common commercial, like All State’s Mr. Mayhem.

3. Costumes purchased online

    -In the life of a busy college student, there seems to be no time to go on a hunt for a Halloween costume. But going on an online quest for a costume may not be the best way to spend your time or money. Ordering costumes online requires extra fees, like shipping and handling, and does not always guarantee a punctual arrival. When the costume does arrive, students run the chance of it not fitting their body correctly because they were unable to try it on before they purchased it, or find it damaged because it is made from lower quality material. Skip the unwanted drama of ordering a new costume online and recycle a costume from a past Halloween.

4. Costumes with a complicated theme

    -In college, students become exposed to a vast array of new information they did not have before and look for any excuse to show off their new wealth of knowledge. Although it may seem like a cunning idea to be Schrodinger’s cat or Pavlov’s dog, it’s an idea that should be shared in the classroom and not on the dance floor. Costumes with complicated themes tend to be unrecognizable and require a lot of explanation. Halloween is the time to cut loose, not lecture others on the theory of relativity. Still want to have an educational costume? Dress up as a person discussed in classes, like Albert Einstein or Edgar Allen Poe.

5. Adult humor costumes

    -It’s called adult humor for a reason: It’s not suitable for all eyes. Though it may come across as harmless fun for students to dress up in a costume that is dripping in sexual innuendo, Halloween is not the best time to begin teaching young children about the birds and the bees. Seeing that the Bend Campus will be swarming with children on Halloween night at Juniper Hall’s Halloween Hall, it’s best to save the adult costume for a more mature audience. Family-friendly costumes can still be funny, too. For a family-friendly costume that makes everyone let out a chuckle, we recommend the grumpy cat meme, because every Halloween needs a funny grouch.


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